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Who do you fear more, the surgeon or the anesthesiologist?

Asked by rebbel (24962points) October 18th, 2011

In case you have to undergo a surgery or had one in the past, who do did you fear(ed) most?
The surgeon, with his/her knives and stuff is she/he capable enough, will the surgery work out to be a success, etc.?
Or the anesthesiologist, with her/his opiates and all the processess he/she has to manage will I wake up after the surgery, will I be aware of the whole thing the whole time?

For me it would be the surgeon…, I don’t like knives and cutting.

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The anesthesiologist. Also, typing that word. Sheesh.

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If I must choose one, the surgeon. I don’t fear the surgery but instead the possible complications…Myself, I look forward to the anesthesia.

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It was the anesthesiologist who overdosed my guy. He was a renal patient. The operation was a success totally but the patient died after the superbugs finished him off.

If anyone has a good immune system, chances are they will be fine under the care of either anesthesiologist or the surgeon. Medical capabilities are overall very, very good these days.

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The dentist.

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The anesthesiologist. My fear is an addict siphoning off my allotment or else negligence during administration.

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Great timing, dude. I’m going to have surgery soon and I’m equally wary of both of them. Of course only until the anesthesiologist injects his cocktail in that IV.

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The surgeon!

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The anesthesiologist. Anesthesia mortality risk is “1 in 100,000 in the 1990s and early 2000s.”

Journal of Anesthesiology

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I am sorry, @mazingerz88, didn’t want to make you worry more about it :-)
Have a successful surgery!

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Neither. Both want to help so I let them help.

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@rebbel Dude no prob and thanks. My 91 year old gentleman friend joked about why Hugh Hefner did not think about putting up a real Playboy Hospital where all nurses and female doctors wear sexy uniforms. He knew I would have crawled on all fours going there.

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The anesthesiologist. I can’t be put to sleep again because of past trouble with anesthesia.

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Ha! If the anesthesiologist is real good, I don’t fear either.

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My mother. Who will probably kill the anesthesiologist and the surgeon if they screw up.

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