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Game boy emulator?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) May 11th, 2008

im going through a “remember the 90s” phase where im rembering my childhood. is there an emulator that works on macs, and also a site where i can download roms?

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Im not really sure how well this emulator works since i dont have a mac but here. Its worth a shot, if it doesnt work just look around on google you should find something. For roms here.

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Mac don’t have games.

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yo do know that’s total windows user BS right?
you could try visual boy advanced
should work, if not,let us know

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Oh Simone54 could you be more blind
Shakes head sadly

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If you have an iPhone load them on there I love mine..punch out is my favorite ..

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i try to run the rom, but it doesnt work. the emulator either freezes or shows an error box. the rom file is a .7z if that helps.

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that;s not a rom file, it’s a 7zip file, so unzip it…

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it doesnt unzip. it opens quicktime and says it cant open it because its not a movie.

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I use Emuparadise for all my old Nintendo consoles, but I’m not sure if it supports macs.

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that is because you need 7zip to unzip it, ofcourse quicktime won’t unzip it, that would a real miracle…good luck

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use Stuffit Expander to Unzip the 7z’s

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