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If you were going to buy a new car, which one would you buy?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) May 11th, 2008

Assuming that you were interested in getting high mileage, and also getting a car that was big enough to transport some large suitcases in the trunk.

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Depending on size… I’m a fan of the Smartcar Fortwo cdi

For trunk size, however, i’m a big fan of my current car: Honda Civic Del Sol. Its cute, sexy, and usually gets around 40–42 MPG. Oh… and did I mention… its a 94. (IE: Cheap)

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I’m living the South Park dream in San Francisco, so by law I am directed to suggest a Prius, though I currently drive a 2001 Honda Civic. Do as I say, not as I do.

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Prius, baby!

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Wait until they illegalize gasoline then ask me again. The offence will be prosecuted as “The Criminal Sale of Gasoline”.

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Audi R8. I wish.

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Honda Nighthawk with a trailerball.

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Honda Element

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I’d love any kind of cabriolet, but especially a Jaguar , but then again, it’s hardly worth it for the 3 days a year you could actually take the top down in Ireland.

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I’ll take one of those little Citroens they sell in Germany. It’s like a Volkswagen, it’s just not built like a bicycle. You know, gas pedal CABLE and such. It’s got side windows that fold in half. Believe it’s made in France. Don’t sell ‘em here in the States.

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Mazda 6 or a Toyota Camry

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Give me one of those big rings sold by Hammacher Schlemmer where you sit inside the ring, which is one big wheel/tire & as you cruise around, the tire spins around you. Made in Denmark.

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On second thought – and speaking of Danish vehicles…..I’ll take one of these – I have the license for it :)

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It looks like a Danish Citroen copycat knock-off. I think it rains too much in Ireland for that.

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I’m sure you can build a roof on to it…...just need big enough blocks!

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Is it really made of blocks or is it simulated fake blocks that just make you think that you’re driving a car made out of blocks? I know it makes me feel secure to know that my car is made of blocks!

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I think they’re made of ‘custom made’ blocks….but probably held together by more than the ridges….

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I’ll just use a snowmobile on the street. That would serve me just fine. Snow or not, a few sparks never killed anyone.

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Mr./Ms. Plow?

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No plow. Here in Nevada, when it snows, the snowplows just drive around without plowing anything. There’s lots of traffic full of big snowplow vehicles, it’s just that none of them actually plow any snow. They mainly just clog up traffic & make it difficult to drive to work.

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hahaha… least you have them. The southern half of Ireland doesn’t. Only takes a couple of inches of snow to paralyze the place!

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Can you go to the sexual preference discussion & corroborate with peedub that Camel & Whiskey is a delicacy? I think I’d rather not have snowplows than to have alot of them that just drive around clogging traffic & never actually plowing any snow. It would make it alot easier to skid around into snowbanks without all these snowplows in the way.

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the toyota yaris $10,000 35–40 mpg maybe more

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Honda Fit/Jazz for being cheap, mpg, fold down the rear seats and it can haul lots of stuff.

Gas milage wise
Honda Civic Hybrid just because the Toyota Prius looks like a refigerator bin on wheels

Acura RL

oh and I have a Honda/Acura state of mind.

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The current iteration of hybrid cars are basically a scam in my book. Love my Mazda. I’m not gay though.

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I agree with niki about hybrids!
And I had forgotten how adorable those honda fits were!

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@delirium: I thought I was the only one! I’ve caught much ire for daring to speak against the Prius in the Bay Area…

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You are SO not alone. I get in trouble amongst other eco-geeks until I explain that it takes more energy to make them (as compared to… say…. a civic) than they’ll save in their whole life.
The prius is great in theory… and they’re really sleek… but they aren’t all that environmentally friendly.

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I’m not even that thrilled with the “theory”. I think the hybrid companies are totally misleading—“hybrid” suggests that you’re, idunno, hybridizing something. I would even go so far as to say that optimizing gasoline engines is taking technology in the opposite direction of where it should be going: to new energy sources.

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I agree with that too. Though I don’t think its too much of a problem to be moving towards more and more efficient vehicles while we wait for the technology to catch up. (IE my <3 for the smartcar.)
I think the biggest problem right now is the people who insist on driving things that get under 20MPG. That’s just ABSURD! I cannot begin to express how frustrated those people make me.

In Delirium’s government there would be permits required to purchase a car that gets such awful gas milage. You’d have to have a REALLY good reason. Such as… if you’re a construction worker or a farmer and you really need that huge truck, fine. But if you’re a rich suburban prissypants…. there’s no freaking way. All SUVs would be revoked from people living in places where there’s very little reason to have them. You would be able to apply… and if you were in a situation where it would help…. then you could have one.

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Pontiac G8 GT

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I wouldn’t buy new.

I’d buy the cleanest, low mileage, all original Integra R I could find.

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