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What do you think of "Earth Class Mail"?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) May 11th, 2008

I currently rent a P.O. Box for 1) some level of abstraction/anonymity for online transactions and 2) to have a permanent address in case I have to move. I also use PayTrust to receive all my paper bills and feel that it is well worth the cost.

I pay at least $40/year for a PO Box and its often a hassle to go and check mail—if I don’t do it often enough, the Post Office locks up the box and starts returning mail to senders.

I am now moving from one state to another and am wondering if I should move all my mail online using Earth Class Mail. Just as I never miss a bill and never have to deal with paper bills (because of Paytrust), Earth Class Mail could potentially do the same with all my paper mail.

What do you think of this service? Has anyone used it? Do you feel its worth it to pay $10/month for someone to open my mail and process it electronically?

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Problem if computer or internet connection breaks. The PO might return mail but a private mailbox service never will. Anonymity? There’s a record of everything somewhere for any person or agency willing to hack into, con into, legally seize, or buy! The Small Fish principle states there’s always larger fish to fry. Exactly what are you trying to prevent? Stalkers? Thieves? ID Theft? It’s wiser to spread yourself out across multiple connections that way, no one company has the whole sum of knowledge about you. One dishonest employee could have access to your entire life. Your question basically concerns the security of your personal info. The more difficult of a target you are, the more chance you’ll be skipped over for easier prey. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Scatter them, hide them, lock a few of them up, and don’t use the same dictionary word for all your passwords. Some day we’ll have implanted password chips, until then, hackers can decipher any dictionary word password in less than 24 hours.

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