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Are demons real and if not then how did they come about?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26791points) September 4th, 2012

My friend and I are going to write and shoot an independent horror movie with two main characters, each with their own separate stories. It’ll just be in one house location with two rooms for rent. He will write for a male character while I do the female.

We agreed to come up with plots never been seen before in American, Korean and Japanese films. I chose to include a demon in my story. Apart from watching Hollywood demon movies, I’ve never done research on them. I thought I’ll start and maybe end my research in Fluther. Come up with a Fluther demon maybe? : )

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Logically, if they’re not real, then they haven’t “come about”.

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They are not real and though the myth of Santa kept kids in check something was needed to keep adults from getting to far out of hand and thus demons in the form of MIL’s came to being.

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@mazingerz88 How about an on line demon that works through a web site like fluther? You answer a question from them or a PM and they attack you through the net?

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@Adirondackwannabe Now that’s cool. : )

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It gave me the willies, I pictured symbeline as the perfect demon. She draws you in and then you belong to her for eternity. I think she has marketing rights though. But that name works too.

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They’re as real as unicorns.

So now you need to tell us how unicorns came to be. Do leprechauns and fairies while you’re at it.

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I’ve seen a horror movie where the dead communicate with the living through the Internet, but I can’t remember the name of it…

Hmm. Demons. What hasn’t been done about them? Probably a lot, but I’m not a very good story maker. In order to create your demon, you might want to read up on them. Know that demons are primarily ’‘evil’’ beings, although how did they come about besides being painted by man’s darker, rebellious and insidious side, especially in times when superstitions ruled the land and there was barely any explanation for anything besides some major ruling religion that decided everything… hard to say…they date back from centuries, and every culture has them.
I mean, things like vampires may be considered demons, just as much as Satan, for being the polar opposite of good.
While there are exceptions, like ’‘demon’’ representing, slightly, man’s way away from light and such, according to certain faiths, one thing is for sure…most demons are out to fuck up humans. In some cultures or beliefs or stories, you can summon or invoke a demon to do your bidding, but you have to make sure you can handle it, because it won’t hesitate to mess you up as soon as it can. A demon will never be your friend, and is master of ruse, deceit and every other delightful thing like that.

Following from @Adirondackwannabe‘s idea, I’m thinking that perhaps, if you’re actually wanting to make something that happens online without using me lol you could go with what creates a demon symbolically, and apply said traits to a nasty human, and not actually have a demon. Make a character on the internet so manipulative and mean that the person interacting with them becomes ’‘obsessed’’ about them, to a degree where it ruins their life. That person wouldn’t be a demon, but as close to one as you could get…maybe they could make allusions to well known demons or something, and almost think they’re one or…I don’t know. If you’re really wanting a real demon…might be kind of cool to see a modern version of something like Dracula, but where he uses the Internet.

Actually these ideas are fucking ridiculous. Lol. And they sound more like some dramatic suspense story. :/

But it would be kind of cool to have a human so goddamn mean and evil that those around them may genuinely believe them to be something other than human… @Adirondackwannabe mentioned to me about subtlety, that could work out. To a point where we don’t even know if they’re human or not…although for this to happen, the person would have to get off the net and interact with the others for real.

But if not, what kind of demon are you looking for? It would be a good idea to check out some stuff about all kinds of demons from different religions, cultures and beliefs. (especially in consideration to where your character lives and where everything takes place)

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@Symbeline Niiice one. Thanks. “I’ve searched a demon and found one not in the dark and behind but in light and in front of a mirror.”

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It might get a whole lot psychological if you wanted it to.

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Yes, I need to settle on a psychological make-up to well match this demon’s motivation and actions. He or she? Dunno yet.

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It’ll just be in one house location with two rooms for rent.

When you say that, do you mean this is what you guys have to work with for filming location, or is that the setting for the story? If the latter, it makes sense that a lot of it happens online…what if the demon is next door, in the other room? Although that itself may have been done a lot already… I can think of a lot of short stories for kids where stuff like that happened. And even if they were for kids they were creepy anyways.

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Both. It’s what we have to work with and so we are making it our setting. So far, this is what I have. And really hoping this hasn’t been done yet.

An old woman rents one of the two rooms. She tells the landlord she will pay extra for her daughter and granddaughters to sleepover when they visit. The landlord is a broken-hearted lady who lost her only child years ago. Strange things start happening in the room. A scary presence. The old renter attempts to communicate. After a failed attempt she made contact.

When the landlord one day knocked on the renter’s door, a younger woman was there. Said she was the daughter. More hauntings follow. The daughter continues communicating. Succeeds. The next time the landlord visited, the teenage granddaughter opened the door.

The granddaughter now continues the communication with the presence. At this point, it would seem that the granddaughter is actually the one haunting the presence, not the other way around. The granddaughter talks in strange languages, sending the presence a strong message.

The landlord had a conversation with the other renter, a man. She revealed to him that her baby boy was kidnapped from the other room she was renting to an old lady. She does not know if her child is alive or dead.

The next time the landlord knocked on the old woman’s room, a 10 year old girl opened the door. The landlord forced the door opened and found the girl alone. She now considers kicking the old renter out.

The girl finally convinced the presence to make itself known. When the landlord returned, she found her long lost baby back in the room, alive. ( Could you guess what really happened? ) : )

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@mazingerz88 I’m not sure I get the whole thing, but one thing I’m pretty sure of, the old renter doesn’t have daughters or granddaughters. It’s all her, getting younger, which I guess has to do with the baby…one thing that confuses me is that the landlady lost her baby years ago, but tells the guy renter that the old lady kidnapped him? I’m guessing this ’‘old woman’’ was perhaps using the baby to get her youth back? (and isn’t human to begin with)

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@Symbeline You got it right about the renter not having a daughter nor granddaughter. Nice! But the old renter did not take the baby. That sentence was confusing I guess. Also, I wrote from the point of view of the landlord but that is not going to be the movie. It will be in the room.

At first, my plan is to make it look like the old renter is in danger from an evil presence. Later, it would turn out that the presence was the reason why she rented the room. The old renter knows something about communicating with spirits. She will try but will fumble at first. Then she gets better, remembering how.

The first time the presence acknowledged her communication, the old renter turns into a 40 year old woman. She now seems to gain some power in dealing with the presence, even controlling its movement. The presence is forced to communicate again, turning the renter into a 20 year old.

The movie gets a twist now. The renter is going to haunt the presence into submission. She will not stop until she gets it. Later, when the renter is only 10 years old, the presence will acquiesce. It will be revealed that the renter wants to return something that belongs to the presence. But what could that be?

It is actually the presence’s physical body. Years ago, a demon took the landlord’s child’s body and left the boy’s soul trapped in the room. The demon then lived a human’s life, experiencing how it really was to be a human. She had the power to change the sex of her body or even her age.

But now, the demon’s human experience led him/her to want to set things right. In the end, he succeeds in reuniting the child’s soul and infant body. In a rather dramatic scene later, the landlord walks in and finds her missing boy.

I’m still deciding what would happen to the demon. Whether he will end up being destroyed because of what he did or he will be shown planning another possession more sinister than before. I also intend to come up with hopefully scary, disturbing scenes never been seen before. I wish there’s already an encyclopedia of horror scenes so I don’t have to watch all of them. Lol.

Well, waddaya think? Many thanks btw. (

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Oh wow, that’s a pretty cool plot. The only thing I can think of that might seem a bit like that is, I think it’s called The Others with Nicole Kidman, where a family moves into a haunted house…only near the end, the viewer finds out that they’re the ghosts, and the ghosts are just normal people living there. But that isn’t to discourage you; that movie wasn’t very deep and all it did was flip things around in the name of ’‘this movie only exists for the major plot twist at the end’’.
I like your idea, it’s fucked up. A medium pestering a spirit…man, for a movie that only happens in a room, that’s pretty original, and it’s my opinion that there’s more than enough development in there to keep it fresh. What about the other renter? How important is he gonna be in this?

Also, if you decide to keep the demon who started all this…don’t make a scene at the very end of the movie where it possesses someone, and then the credits roll. Well no, I mean do what you want, just saying that’s been done a million times. :D Do you have a concrete idea for what kind of demon this will be?
You should do a bit of research on Irish fairy mythology. Fairies, (grotesque beings that smell like rotten milk, like brownies, imps, trolls; not cute little girls with wings) were often said to kidnap little babies in order to raise them as one of their own. The advent of Christianity, killing the pagan gods, made them do this in order to maintain their race. It could be slightly fitting. Imma try and see what other kind of babynapping demons exist in diverse mythologies; if you want to use an already existing one. (I mean you could very well make up your own; you’re original enough to do so, as I can see from this)

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Yes, exactly! Thanks for getting it. For a change, a character pestering a spirit. I did think about it sharing a similar element with The Others. But you’re right, in that movie, humans pestered the spirits but that was only revealed in the end. Their pestering was unintentional. They did not know they were doing it.

Here in this room, the demon in the boy’s grown body as a girl ( confusing! ) would obviously pester the spirit. It would seem cruel at first but when everything is revealed, the seemingly cruel acts would unravel. The demon needed to communicate to bring back the soul of the child’s body he stole. Only then he could express his intention. Convince the soul. Coerce if necessary.

So what happens to a confused, unhappy and possibly even tormented soul of an innocent child trapped in a physical room? Why, haunt whoever enters in all kinds of freaky and fucked up way! Ah, the joy of coming up with scary scenes. Here’s one…the renter’s nipples dripping blood. Too much? Done already?

My goal is to come up with nasty supernatural shenanigans that would make the long haired Grudge woman and that psychotic TV jumping Ring girl yell, What the fuck were you thinking dude?! You’re sick! Lol. : )

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@nipples I can’t say I’ve seen bleeding nipples before. That’s pretty damn twisted bro. Lol. And yes I agree, no matter how deep and intelligent a horror film, it does need classic scary scenes. What else you got in mind? also fuck the ring, that movie sucks lol

Good luck with everything, and I wanna know how it goes. If you think you can ever use feedback from be, I’d be happy to help.

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I thought why not nipples…after all it’s a baby’s angry spirit doing the haunting. Heh heh. Right now, I just have fragmented ideas for potentially suspenseful visuals. Maximize the use of the room. Enhance it with props.

Like for example, a few christmas trees inside it. With proper lighting, it would like the renter is walking in a dark and dreary forest. ( no idea yet as to why the renter would put that many Christmas trees! Lol.) Or ordinary boxes stacked to mimic a maze-?

Or you know when water is poured into a glass…how about an image reflected in that strip of flowing water-? Or the renter’s slippers walking by itself in the ceiling? Or the renter just finished putting on make-up but a second later, she looks back at the mirror and her face looks like a demonic Maori tattooed face? Would that scare you?

I’ll start writing it next week. It’s only half the movie so here’s wishing I finish early enough for us to finish shooting by the end of 2012. And yes, I won’t show it to my partner until you’ve given your bloody seal of approval, if you don’t mind. : )

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Heh I like the idea of the Xmas trees. Like the moonlight reflecting on some stray decorations that might remain in them, giving the whole thing a freaky ’‘testament to death’’ feel. I mean Xmas is all joyous and shit, but now it would just be disturbing. Might fit the theme…I mean every kid likes Xmas, except this poor kid, so far, won’t ever know what it is. Maybe the renter is a compulsive hoarder, and that could help to explain why they’d have a bunch of weird shit creeping up the room?
But I’m thinking, after you mentioned the walking slippers. The spirit is a little baby, so it would make sense to have scary scenes that are at the same time kinda cute and slightly silly, but still freaky as shit because it would fit the theme and idea you have, which really is no laughing matter. I’m sure something like slippers on the ceiling would disturb people in regards to the spirit at hand.
What do you think of the hauntings symbolizing the situation? It’s what seems to be in store with the bleeding nipples and the affiliation they have with the subject.

But yeah…walking slippers…that sounds both creepy and cute at the same time. And Maori tattooing is just naturally scary looking lol. I think ’‘tribal’’ killed tattoos in horror movies… but Maori is a cool idea. If I have to be truthful, I don’t know if the whole settup would scare me…someone looking in the mirror and seeing something scary out of nowhere. But you shouldn’t take that as legit indication of scariness, because I watch too much horror to be scared by it. However, I really do like the idea of the kind of tattoo you have going. The way those tattoos were made would make the scene pretty freaky, if people know anything about those, and if you guys come up with convincing special effects for it. In order to break away the cheesiness of the mirror scene, maybe the renter could take a long time looking at it, all freaked out, instead of backing away from the mirror really quick and allowing only like a split second of the apparition for the viewers to see?

So you’re wanting the script done by the end of 2012? Get crackin bro. :)

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