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Where can I find a bag that looks like this for around $100?

Asked by prioritymail (1630points) October 22nd, 2011

I like the J Crew Brompton Hobo (pic). The brown color, supple leather, rolled leather handles, simple clean line shape that is neither rectangular nor too curvy and is not burdened with a lot of hardware, pockets, or other external additions. Here are some other similar ones I like but they are in the 4 digit price range: marc, bottega, prada. Does anyone know of a bag that looks very similar, in brown, made of real leather, but in the $100-ish price range? It could be an older style that people are unloading on EBay, for example, or maybe there is a lower end brand like The Sak that has made one like this. The J Crew one in brown is about $200 on EBay, which is better than the retail $300, but I really don’t want to spend that much.

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try any of the three I just linked.

My wife has two out of the three. The leather is so luxuriously soft & strong. She CONSTANTLY gets complements when she wears her Lucky Brand bags, and they seem to be in your price range.

Also, they are VERY well made, and I’m honestly surprised at the prices they are when I look at them after she buys them b/c of the craftsmanship.

Hope that helps!

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You’re welcome. I hope you get one, they really are nice! If you have a Lucky store around, check one out in person and I’m confident you will be convinced. They also have them at Macy’s . . . but Amazon will be a little cheaper every time.

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Try ...they have a wide assortment of hobo bags to choose from… with brands like Etienne Aigner, Franco Sarto and more pricey Michael Kors, Fendi and Givenchy

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That’s a nice J Crew bag! Ask the person selling it on ebay if they’ll accept a BUY IT NOW price of $100.00 and you’ll pay them immediately upon their reply. I do that all the time with stuff I want that’s listed at a higher starting price than I like, even the ones where it’s just a BUY IT NOW at a higher price. Most sellers are very receptive to immediate payment.

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