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Is there a difference between "questions answered" and the actual number of answers one has contributed to the collective?

Asked by ezraglenn (3497points) May 12th, 2008

As in, does your “questions answered” go up if you answer the same question twice? And if it doesn’t, how can we know how many answers we’ve written?

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Let’s find out. My current answer figure is 343 (before posting).

Edit: As expected, it is now 344.

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apparently not, since I just answered one question twice, and it stayed at 317.

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Post again.

Edit: It stayed the same, as you confirmed.

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Oh, I suppose now it is 318. Unless answering your own question doesnt count! AH! fluther mystery!

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Yeah, 318, so answering your own question does count. This was proactive.

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Really? Now I’m confused…

Edit: Never mind. I misread it. :)

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why, what happened?

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362 (attempt 362 failed)

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not fair!
It doesnt go up for me…

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no mine didn’t go up either. Started at 360, went to 361 and tried “attempt 362” and It didn’t.

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oh. good to know.

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wait, I think I might have the answer to our problems…
it’s the fluther score visualizer, created by flutherer PaulC. It’s sort of indirect, but if you multiply your answers/day times the number of days you’ve been on fluther, you should get approximately the number of total answers you have written EVER.

so that means I have… FUCK. it says 318. DAMNIT.

apologies for the expletives…

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Okay, so the world may never know.

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haha, don’t stress too much on this!! :D

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@ezraglenn I can solve your mystery. Your current total number of answers is: 409.

Excellent deductions, everyone. We’ll take this into consideration…

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@ben: Some fun stats on the profiles wouldn’t go amiss. :)

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@ezraglenn, actually my visualizer simply scrapes the user information page so its not privy to any data beyond what you see there. I’m glad you looked into this, I had never really noticed the discrepancy.

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if you answer the same question twice, you are still only answering 1 question, so I wouldn’t think the number for “questions answered” would change after the first time you gave an answer for that question. If there were a stat for “answers given”, then I could see that number being higher than “questions answered”.

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