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Can you describe how other "jellies" might view yourself by using words they might use?

Asked by Mantralantis (1502points) October 22nd, 2011

From the outside coming in, comment on how you might think other members see you at this site by using words and/or phrases they might use like “very smart and loves textbooks” “exceptionally intellectual, but not as good as my own” or “arrogant and negative” “envious and full of bulls**t” and so on and so on. Now, this could be yet another fun question. But please…stick to the question and keep down all the too serious and senseless professional attitude (which may help us get through this one hopefully.)

Oh, and again, have fun. Yep.

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Looking grass self.

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Pleasant, curious, helpful, rather bland.

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Impulsive but funny, sporadically intelligent, a grumpy old tosser with an inclination toward mockery and sarcasm.

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A cynical contrarian that is louder than he is intelligent, but not as bad as he first looks.

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I am clueless . . .


Conservative, clean-cut, slick, intelligent, dark, easy-going, friendly, non-combative, physically fit, moralistic, family-valued, strong, and self-deprecating.

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I think the term railroad (as a verb) and intimidating might come into play.

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@hullcrush – “Looking grass self” ... I’ve never heard of that one before. What does that mean exactly?

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I’ve heard willfully ignorant and arrogant.

i tend to interpret that as “cuddly” and “boyishly charming”

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@Kayak8 – To put it more simply, how would you comment it as if someone explained your own character here at fluther, provided they know enough about you that is?

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I think they’d say “who?”

And I hate to say it, but even honest answers to this question are likely to sound extremely pretentious. Or in @Blondesjon‘s language, “totally awesome.”

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@CunningLinguist – You have a valid point, Linguist. But if one had took the time to look at what you just commented they could say even your being pretentious, about something else that’s essentially pretentious. Which means it doesn’t need to be said, since most normally intelligent people would get that and not, or shouldn’t, be pointing that out. However, since I stated it in the details – just have fun, instead being overly critical.

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no nonsense

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Chick magnet.

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Silly, weird, and boring.

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I like Symbeline, but…


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@Mantralantis I understood the question. I am clueless as to how others would describe me knowing me only from typed words.

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No idea…

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Foxy, brown ^^

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@Mantralantis I completely agree, and I meant to make a note that even my own answer was bound to look pretentious. It’s just the nature of the question. Say something good about yourself, and you look like you’re preening. Say something bad about yourself, and you look like you’re fishing for compliments.

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@CunningLinguist – Yes, I can understand what you mean, Cunning. I mean, Linguist. Sorry.


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