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Who'd like to join me in welcoming SeventhSense to the Fluther 10k clubhouse?

Asked by eponymoushipster (20297points) December 30th, 2009

woot woot! congratulations SeventhSense!

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Congratulations! I look forward to your comments.

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I could smell this one coming!!!

get it? ‘cause I have a sixth sense for…um…nevermind.

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Congratulations, @SeventhSense, poster of many a provocative comment.

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Congratulations! Have fun in the 10k Mansion!

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Well, congratulations, @SeventhSense. You must be the seventh son of a seventh son to have such insight into the workings of Fluther.

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No native son could do his state better. Seventhsense is the reason New York shines so bright. Congratulations! Much Lurve.

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Well, I was planning on starting my celebrations tomorrow, but… what the hell!

To a great Jelly, one whose fearlessness in searching for truth is well-respected by me! Cheers! And Congrats on 10K!

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Holy Crap, congrats SeventhSense!! Cheers!

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Congrats SeventhSense!

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You must be on seventh heaven (clever, huh?).
Welcome to Club 10K. Now you get the key to the good restroom. Just don’t forget to tip the valet when you’re finished.

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Congrats x 7!

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Congratulations! Now you get the key to the 10K washroom where it is cleaner and has softer toilet paper, and a heated seat.

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Congratulations! I’ll start making pancakes immediately.

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Well done. Congratulations!!!!

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Congratulations & felicitations!!!

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@Ghost_in_the_system So that’s a heated seat? Here I thought it was just warm because we have so many in the 10k club now, not to mention those in the 5k club who sneak in to use the softer toilet paper.

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10k tastic!

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Mazel Tov™! Take that, @pdworkin.

I remember first noticing your sensitivity in a thread about a landlord situation and another one about feeding birds. Your are a very caring Jelly and I swept out your room in the mansion and put flowers near your bed just this afternoon.

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Hey, terrific. You sure have some interesting viewpoints on things. Congrats to you.

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@Darwin~ SSSHHHH! That was a secret. We are suppose to make him feel special.

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10k?! Woah. Congratulations :D

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I was gonna make a bad pun but AC beat me to it :(

Maybe I should make a Bruce Willis joke?

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10k already?? Really? Congratez! P..A..R..T..Y!!!!!

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Thanks e and all you other fine jellies.
I’ve added a wing in back and a new pool.

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Congratulations for reaching the Fluther 10k Clubhouse.

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well well well… lucky number 7… makes sense to me!! your wisdom is a fluther favorite congrats

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I’m scared of you. ;-)

No, really, what a unique, outspoken and intelligent Jelly. Welcome to the big house, boy. The 10K Jelly Big Hizzouse!

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Congratulations on reaching Fluther 10k :)

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Seven times…get it?

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Congrats! I bow to your wise answers. First round is on me!

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My misanthropic myopia melts under these mushy musings.

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CONGRATS! And welcome!!!
Many, many lurves to you!!!

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My 10th Sense saw this coming! Congratulations!!!!

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WHOA! 10k? DAMN that’s fast!

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Congratulations! Well done.

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I hope you don’t mind, I added a cottage on the grounds of the estate as well for the guests. Dinner will be at eight. :)

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@SeventhSense Great, can I crash in the guest cottage? Woah, these toilet seats are warm!

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I almost stayed awake last night waiting until you made inside the mansion. I’m glad to see that you’ve made it out of the fountain and are now warming by the fire! Congratulations on an excellent achievement!

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Wow, look at al the lurve!!! Congrats!

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Sure there are millions of rooms and extra bathing suits if you want to use the pool.
they did say infinity pool.
But please bring pie. The baker is off for the holiday and Martha Stewart is booked up.

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Congrats to you!!!

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WOOT WOOT!!!! lets get this party started….. Congrats!

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@SeventhSense Congratulations! I know things weren’t the best between us in the beginning (we had our disagreements) but I’ve come to know you as a friendly and intelligent person, someone we’re very glad and lucky to have on Fluther!

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Hey you…congratulations! Such a good way to start out the new year. :-)

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@mangeons That surprises me. I’ve never known @SeventhSense to disagree with anyone.~

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Thank you.

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At first I was confused why you went to the 10th sense but then I remembered 7 ate 9..:.
a collective groan goes up across the room

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I take issue with that~

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@SeventhSense Just teasing. You always have excellent points.

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Yes that’s true…~_~

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@SeventhSense Since this is your party, can I ask for one tiny little favor? Bring out the little guy, please. Mind out of gutter, you know who I am talking about.

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Respect man. Respect.

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late as usual, but congrats anyhow!!!

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Congratulations!!! Good Job!!

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It’s about time. I know you went away for awhile, but it’s good to have you back. Congrats and welcome!

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Congratulations, @SeventhSense! (Told you I’d make it here!)

@Ghost_in_the_system so…the under 10K bathrooms are, basically….men’s rooms?? Ahhhh!!!

@SeventhSense You added a new wing? Pictures please! (Um, I saw your “cottage”. There goes the neighborhood!)

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@Val123 With refrigerated toilet seats.

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@Ghost_in_the_system Yeah….and no maid to clean up after…you know….so sad. I have 4K to go….

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Yeah, and I’m right behind you nipping at your heels ;)

Ghost_in_the_system's avatar

@Val123 I still have 8½K and I am running out of seat covers and Odoban

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@Buttonstc You’re behind me? I figured you were miles ahead! The race is on!!!

@Ghost_in_the_system Here honey…the warmest thing I could find. Of course….it’s going to be a “mind-over-matter” thing, but…here

Ghost_in_the_system's avatar

@Val123 yeah, warm thoughts… that might work…

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@Buttonstc Darn it! I just gave you a GA!! Shoot.

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Wow! already! congratulations to you!

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Congratulations SeventhSense! I’ve always liked your avatar!

SeventhSense's avatar

It’s really just a modest touch. The garden’s needed a little tending to as well.
And i spruced up the balcony

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Sometimes I venture out into the non digital world. It’s a little scary. No GA’s. No lurve. Don’t know what to do with my tapping fingers, can’t link to photos…I tear pictures out of magazines and thrust them at people to add flair to my stories but it’s just not the same…

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Congratulations on a most righteous achievement! Well done and well deserved!

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Youre not gonna believe this, but on my way here I ran into fifth and sixth sense and accidently congratulated them. So akward.
They had no idea what lurve was.

Anywho…Congratulations @SeventhSense!!

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Thanks guys
That’s another thing about our secret society. If I share with the average earthling my achieving 10 K lurve they just cock their head quizzically and back away. And when I elaborate about how I’m involved with a large mass of jellyfish whose aim is to transform the universal collective they start to run.

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YEAH!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the club my friend!!!! Your room is right down the hall from mine!

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@SeventhSense I know! The average Earthling can NOT fathom an online, really, real society! The average Earthling I’m married to can’t, either!

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Dangit! Late to the party again!

Drinks are on me!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)›

They multiplied OOO@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)›

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Way cool @SeventhSense ! How you guys do that?

SeventhSense's avatar

They’re magic elves.

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With my first sense, I see the crowd lining up to congratulate you on 10k
With my second sense, I hear the buzz of anticipation as the 10k manor staff prepares for your arrival
With my third sense, I taste the pancakes that have been pulled out of the frizzer in your honor
With my fourth sense, I feel the lurve all around
With my fifth sense, I smell the satisfaction of a job well done
With my sixth sense I see dead people
With my seventh sense, also known as the “Spidey sense”, I’m feeling all tingly

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@SeventhSense Thank you! Lurve for the little guys!

Val123's avatar

@SeventhSense Oh! Of course! :)

SeventhSense's avatar

It needs 7 lurve to be complete

Val123's avatar

@SeventhSense Seriously….do you painstakingly…plan it out, or is there a program you use? It would take me a hundred hours to figure out just how to create something like that!

SeventhSense's avatar

Nothing magic. Just tedious old fashioned work.
I deserve mad props for thems bitches.

SeventhSense's avatar

don’t be ascared…i’m really just a big teddy bear.. but don’t tell anybody

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Congrats, SS!
Sometimes I find myself agreeing with you and just don’t say it. So I give you tons of lurve instead. Sometimes.

SeventhSense's avatar

Well thank you Allie. Viva le difference.
It makes for lively conversation and keeps us honest.

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Well, damn, late to the party, but Congratulations @SeventhSense! Fluther would certainly be a less interesting place without you!

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SEE THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON“T HAVE INTERNET FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS!! ~Congrats my Fluther Lover I can’t believe I’m this late! You tell it like it is and for that I Love You!~

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You are so sleeping on the couch.
I’ll express my love to you in the morning
After I spank you have my coffee..

SeventhSense's avatar

The flowers are a nice touch. Thank you.
I moved up to the 700th floor penthouse meanwhile. Air is a little thin but the view of Flutherville is divine.

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I love you too cutie. But if this Fluther engagement is going to last you can’t be off Twittering and Googling and stumble in here reeking of Yahoo.
reminds me of my ex..always half in the answerbag

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@SeventhSense Hey! I will have you know that I don’t even understand what the point of Twitter is and that is some pretty harsh insults Mister! I think it is you that should sleep on the couch this time!

SeventhSense's avatar

<—-jumping on the couch before you get up
Smothering you with kisses.

sjmc1989's avatar

Now that is more like it :) Thank you <3

Allie's avatar

What is going on?

eponymoushipster's avatar

i need an adult!

SeventhSense's avatar

We retired to the honeymoon suite. :)

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Carpe lurve to a bright star in the fluther galaxy!

filmfann's avatar

edited by moi.

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psst, @28lorelei @SeventhSense has been gone for about a year now.

28lorelei's avatar

oh right… oops
well, whatever. I’ll live even though I made an error. Thanks.

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