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What are your thoughts?

Asked by lovelyy (1132points) May 12th, 2008 from iPhone

on the 18 and 16 year olds forcing the 2 year old girl to smoke weed? I personally think it’s disgusting. If you saw the video you know how heartbreaking it was to see the little girl choking and struggling to get away.

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I think they are retarded and should have a big red tattoo on their forehead saying so

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Two words: child abuse.

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i think its pretty messed up, and some parents need to step up and teach children right things. Because how dumb are those two if they give a 2 year old weed?

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What’s there to say. It’s completely and utterly wrong. A tragic example if how desensitized some have become. Why, is a far more interesting question. Is it the accessibility of images and information that can only be damaging to a developing mind? Is it the state of the society these kids live in? Is it shockingly bad parenting? Maybe a combination of all those and more. In any case it’s horrible.

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That’s child abuse. They should go to jail.

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what!!??? I’ve never seen it. Thats just sick, and yes it is child abuse.

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@thehaight; the worst part is, they tested the baby for drugs and not only was marijuana in her system so was cocaine!

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nothing that a few years of being known as a child abuser in prison can’t fix.

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Is anyone else thinking James Bulger?
I will never understand what warped the minds if these kids to the point they thought it was a good idea to toy with a little child this way, they clearly have no respect for human life.
And yes i know they didnt kill the child in this case, but they could have. I doubt they knew where to draw the line.

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where did they get the 2 year old?

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I think it is absolutely horrible. I saw that video and was just disgusted. There is no reason that a child should ever be intoxicated on any substance. The sad thing is that people are going to look at this and think badly of marijuana when really its just HORRIBLE parenting. The people in this video should definitely go to jail and that child should be taken away from them if it hasn’t already.

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By the sounds of it one of the teenagers was the 2 year old’s uncle and the children have been placed in foster homes.

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Foster care could be so much worse

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I suppose the relative upside is that with all the attention this case is bound to get, the authorities will be scrutinized and they’ll have to be seen to do the right thing.

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That’s Child Abuse. They should be punished for what they did and NEVER allowed to be around children!

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@lovelyy: that is so sad. It just makes me sick knowing that there is people out in this world that would do that.

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times are dark

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I didn’t see this video and don’t want to. But I’m guessing that the teenagers videotaped themselves – in which case my thoughts are that only someone so stupid as to force a two year to inhale smoke would be stupid enough to videotape themselves in the act. That doesn’t explain the sadism, I suppose..

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I just looked it up and the mother of this child was present at the time! You can hear her laughing in the background. What kind of mother would do such a thing!

Anyone can be a mom, but not everyone can be a mother!

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i get my dog high,.

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I am completely in agreement with Uberbatman. It is absolutely horrible, a child is in no way in position to experience being intoxicated on any substance. It is overwhelming and they do not understand what is going on. It is horrible parenting as Uber said. And yes this will make people think marijuana is a horrible drug, when really it isn’t. These people were irresponsible, and should be punished for it. To be intoxicated by any substance you have to have your own mind, and be a responsible human being. A child has yet to grow or learn how to make educated decisions. There for should not experience mind altering substances. Plus it was forced, the child didnt even want anything to do with it.

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