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My memory may be lacking, but is evolution actually taught in school?

Asked by Blackberry (31878points) October 26th, 2011

I remember some things from my science classes in high school, but can’t remember if we were taught anything about evolution. I probably just have a bad memory.

I was wondering because I simply couldn’t remember if I was taught anything about it. I taught myself about it after I left high school.

Does anyone remember being taught evolution? Maybe they kind of slip it in the curriculum in a way that isn’t so obvious, probably? Maybe they take a few tenets out to just teach some basic things?

I was curious because I know there are many people that are having a hard time understanding the basics, and if I didn’t take the time to teach myself about it as a working adult, who knows what my impression of it would be now.

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Not in high school. They didn’t teach either theory to the best of my memory. College got into it a little but not as an all or nothing type of thing.

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I want to say by 9th and 10th grade we had multiple, straightforward lessons in it. Before that too, maybe 8th grade, they covered it but in significantly less detail. In college I remember it seemed accepted that you already knew it (they expected you had been taught it in high school), and provided only a quick overview before going very in depth.

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When I was in high school (admittedly this was YEARS ago), we were taught about evolution. The science of it was discussed extensively in the text books, along with the various stages when the earth had mass species go extinct, & the routes taken by early man out of Africa.

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It was long time ago but didn’t we cover it in 8th grade Earth Science when we discussed earth strata and fossils? Also we discussed it in 9th grade biology when we worked our way through the various Kingdoms and phyla and how each one is related to or built upon earlier ones.
I’m sure I had a pretty clear picture of it well before then. I loved those Time-Life educational books.

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@worriedguy Oh yeah, I kind of remember something like that. I remember the geology more, though. I wanted to be a geologist for awhile because of it.

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I think my children have been taught it and will continue to be taught it. I know I learned it in biology, forty years ago.

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I wish I had a better answer.

I know evolution was discussed in the biology and anatomy textbooks. I read the textbooks. However, my high school science teachers were Young Earth Creationists, and rolled their eyes whenever having to mention anything about the “evolution” of a species.

Before high school, we were taught much more “comfortable” subjects, like why rainbows happen and what litmus paper is for.

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Yes, it was taught in biology.

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We were taught about evolution in 10th grade biology class. I think it was on the New York state regents exam too.

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I actually can’t remember that well. I feel sure that we at least vaguely learned about it in my general science class freshman year. I had a spectacular teacher, but he covered the most random things, so while I’m sure we talked about it, I’m not sure how much we talked about it.
I was a horrible biology student, but I don’t think we went into evolution very much in that class. Most of what we did was hands-on stuff, and the actual lessons were completely lost on me.
So yes, I was taught evolution, but it was very brief. I don’t think we ever really covered it/went further than a one class lesson on it.

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7th grade and when I took AP Bio in high school

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Only as a chapter or two in science and history class, but not in depth.

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We spent a month or two on it in my 8th grade biology class. We also covered it a bit in my 9th grade biology class, but not as much as the year before. That was the last time I remember learning about it.

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Yep, in junior high and high school science.

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I was not taught anything about evolution until my first college anthropology class. Of course I graduated almost 30 years ago so things may have changed. That being said, while he isn’t being taught the actual theory of evolution, my fourth grader is studying animals, their adaptations, how they differ depending on where and how the live, and why this happens.

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I remember being taught evolutionary theory in 7th or 8th grade biology class, but I also know that I already knew the basic principles of it so I must have learned something about it at a younger age too.

All kids want to learn about dinosaurs.

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I learned about that in 8th grade in Earth Science

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