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Do you have any particular odd little skills that are most often seen in the opposite sex?

Asked by anartist (14774points) October 26th, 2011

I have 2 I can think of—
1. I am good at orienting myself to the compass and finding my way around that way
2. I know how to knock a beer bottle cap off using the edge of a kitchen counter

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I’m the handy ‘man’ in my house, and am better with technology than my husband. He’s the cook. :)

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I’m good at video games, especially first person shooters.

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I fix things and am not afraid to get dirty!!!

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I watched The Notebook, and I thought it was amazing.

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I like that @Blackberry classifies watching The Notebook as a “skill.”

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I can cook up a tasty meal out of whatever is left in the cupboard and fridge that is still edible, even when it appears to others that there is nothing to eat or use to prepare a meal.

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I can replace your car struts AND your Mama’s struts. Baleedat!

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I’m very good at orienting myself too. It needs to be a place like a town or city though. Not woods or a forest.


I’m good at buying shoes! (but only shiny men’s dress shoes of course——lol)

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Oh! And I can have sex with a guy without getting emotionally attached. Woop Woop!!

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I am my father’s son….
pretty good at manual labor,
pretty good at controlling my emotions,
pretty good at evading petty bullshit.

@Ponderer983 , that made my night. hah.

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@Ponderer983 ohh, GA. And funny. I’m really good at that, too, now that you mention it.

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Me, three.

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haha. Favorite thread of the night.

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The women of Fluther are getting better and better.

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We are the shit. :p

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I cook naked. Oh, wait, wrong thread. Sorry.

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I’m great at detecting where a bad odor is coming from in my kitchen. (I can usually smell bad food that no one else in my family can smell)
I’m great at remembering where just about anything in my home is and where I last saw it.
I’m pretty good at figuring out what flavors mix with what when trying to make a new dish.
I’m great at picking up peoples moods from their body language and voice especially when they are trying to hide something.

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I can eat meat with the best of them.

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@Blackberry LOL. Hey thanks. I almost forgot a skill I had. I’m pretty good at detecting bullshit when I hear it.

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I can pull off a stunning look in a little black dress & a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.
Only on very special occasions mind you ;¬}

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I like to solder.

Also I’m pretty awesome at math and it is total crap that that has connotations as a “male” skill.

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Video games.
I learned playing the guitar in a really short time, I’m pretty good now. (Don’t know if that counts)
@anartist I always wanted to be able to do the beer cap thing!!

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I haven’t the faintest idea how to answer this question. Being a male who was raised as female I guess I have an unfair advantage, in that I was taught to do “girly” things like embroidery, art and crafts, as well as the more traditionally masculine skills like reading maps, fixing things (as long as they’re not electronic type things). I also have a mix of masculine and feminine traits that are not really skills. On the male side I’m visually-orientated and can’t multi-task to save my life. On the feminine side, I freely express my emotions and I’m not afraid to ask for directions (but I rarely need to – I can read maps!)

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@Ayesha its easy. just catch the edge of the cap on the counter, angle the bottle slightly, and smack that thing. It really makes you feel like you can cope in any venue.
[Well maybe not a hatted tea at the Four Seasons.]

@downtide raised as a female? why?

@Pandora are you female? The skil lsets seem to be more on the distaff side.

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I understand the rules of football and really enjoy the game.

I was a really great pool shark in my late teens. then I had kids and got all responsible

I can fish for hours without spending the time gossiping. :P

I’m not afraid to chop some wood.

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@anartist I’m transsexual. Born female but always knew I was really a boy.

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@downtide oh complicated for you. Has it worked out well for you? Transsexual means actual surgical physical change, yes? Or a total change of persona?

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@anartist there will be several surgeries, hopefully starting next year, I’m already on hormone therapy. No change of persona though. I was always the same person that I am now, I just stopped trying to present myself as and act as a woman.

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I hope it goes well for you.

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@downtide – I wish you well, too :-)

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Thanks :)

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I’m great with giving massages, and I’m an excellent cook.

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I’m a cunning Linguist. :)

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