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What's your favorite song?

Asked by ToxicLove (179points) October 27th, 2011

What are your favorite songs?

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Eh, too many. I’ll just go with Hel by Les B√Ętards du Nord for now.

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The Rage Against the Machine version of Maggie’s Farm


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Mr Bojangles
Brown-Eyed Girl
Jesse Come Home
You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling

and countless others.

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There are too many to mention, it changes slightly depending on the mood and the day.

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My favourite song changes quite regularly. Currently it is Rise Against’s, Hero Of War.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Me too. Throughout my life, some personal classics always remain though. French Viking metal songs being my latest addition lol. (even though mine I posted is pretty mellow)

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Sail is my current favorite. And I like this video much better than the official video.

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At this moment Insomnium’s new album One for Sorrow is in heavy rotation so I’m pretty much high on anything of theirs, though that opinion sticks even when they’re not so heavily in the mix. Here’s a track from their latest Through The Shadows.

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This question is like giving a loaded gun to a person and playing Russian Roulette with it.

There are so many great songs out there that came out of the 60s, 70s, and mid 80s, that picking just one will not do.

“Cherish” by Kool and The Gang has to be in my top ten list.

Heard it lately?

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Way to many to list here. A few of meaning in my profile @blueiiznh

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Monster by Skillet
Been A Son by Nirvana
but mostly songs from The Full Monty Musical.
And other musicals….hehe. :)

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Breathe – Pink Floyd.

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Ho! I could not begin to just name one or even a few.

Here are some of my all-time favorites:

My Funny Valentine by Ella FItzgerald

Something Wonderful from The King and I (Actually, I live the whole score.)

Bohemian Rhapsody Queen

The Story Brandi Carlyle

and recently Come Away with Me Norah Jones

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Oh geez, when feeling romantic, Moondance by Van Morrison.

When I am a little down, While My Guitar Gently Weeps by the Beatles.

When I am playful, Drive My Car by the Beatles.

When I am nostalgic about an old lover, Baby I Love Your Way (Live) by Peter Frampton.

When I’m feeling rowdy, Tattered by the Rolling Stones. I could go on and on.

Shadoobie. Tattered, tattered.

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@Michael_Huntington Just reading your list, I feel like killing someone. XD

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Any song that is sung TO ME.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I love that song too. Cool video! I haven’t seen that one yet. Thanks for sharing.

My all time favorite: Jane Says- by Jane’s Addiction.

Another favorite: Blue Veins by The Raconteurs I love Jack’s solo in this video.

and their cover of Bang Bang

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Impossible question! I have hundreds of favorite songs.

So here’s my answer RIGHT NOW! (call me tomorrow, for a different answer):


Merrill Garbus rocks out among the shelves at a little record store!!

I wanna have Merrill Garbus’s baby

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Danny Dad had the same name and sang it well..

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La Vie En Rose. It is a song of desperate love.

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I have several “favorite songs” – but I am very partial to Dio’s “Rainbow In The Dark”.


I have many.

This Is Your Song by Don Goodwin.

Out of the Question by Gilbert O’Sullivan.

SOS by Pink Lady.

Lay All Your Love On Me by ABBA.

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Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles.
Actually,most any Beatle song.

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This has been my favorite song for almost ten years.

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It changes all of the time, Cherry Waves by The Deftones has been the one I’ve been listening to most as of these last few days.

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Simple Man- Lynard S.
Blue Moon- Some Doo-Wop song that I don’t know the artists
Barbra Ann- Beach Boys

I love so many more, but I just picked the first three that came to my head.

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Rain The Beatles

Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep Libera

Mas Que Nada Brasil 66

Catch The Wind Donovan

Don’t Look Back In Anger Oasis

In My Room The Beach Boys

Eleanor Rigby The Beatles

Put It There Paul McCartney

Porpoise Song The Monkees

Eight Miles High The Byrds

Ohio Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

California Dreaming The Mama’s & The Papa’s

Defying Gravity Kurt Colfer and Lea Michelle from Glee

You Raise Me Up Celtic Woman

Appalachia Waltz by Mark O’Connor and Yo-Yo Ma and Edgar Meyer

And this is just today. If you ask me tomorrow, I would probably choose different songs : )

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@Kardamom I love Eleanor Rigby and In My Room too! Also The Waters of March by Jobim.

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@blueiiznh You like to be sung to? Want me to sing Edelweiss while I scratch your back and put you to sleep, like I do for my daughters? :P

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My all time favourite is No One by Alicia Keys followed by Couldn’t Have Said it Better by Meat Loaf and Patti Russo.

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How shall I sing to you over Fluther? Shall I just give you my phone number, LOL?

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Stairway to Heaven

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