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How do you restore the Tool bar File, Edit, etc.

Asked by flo (13313points) October 27th, 2011

Someone who knows something about computers tried different things, but no go.

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What program is this in anyways?

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Thanks @Imadethisupwithnoforethought! That is the first thing I usually try when I have a problem. It is such a problem buster.

@XOIIO thanks for responding.

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@flo Well there are different keys for different programs, I assumed since you know about computers that you would have tried the default, if not, there are many others, alt, control and alt for some, alt and different letters, context helps.

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@XOIIO Most that support fullscreen use F11 though, whether it’s a browser, image viewer, movie player, or what-have-you.

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Left Alt usually lets you access the menu bar, but this usually only works for a single time.

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@XOIIOI assumed since you know about computers…”.
That is far from the truth, you must have mixed me up with someone with similar sounding name. “Fly” maybe.
But I think “Computers 101”(as in how to use the mouse) should include the use of F11 to fix a problem.

@tlm I just learned that it works for Firefox. Why did Firefox need to change it to “Left Alt” from what people already know, “F11”? just curious

I went some site where it told me to do “Atl+Space+R” it didn’t work.
And I got to microsoft’s page that answers that question, it was in another language, I changed it to English but it gave me the Microsoft Support” page. That is when I posted the question.

Aren’t there other things that F11 fixes?

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This time, (a few months later) F11 is not working for some reason.
Is there another solution? Something as simple?

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Perhaps go into the settings and just reset everything to default.

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@XOIIO thank you. This OP made me search and search it sorry for not responding sooner
Anyway I haven’t been on that computer that gave me the problem at the time. I hope I wouldn’t need to but I will report back if I do.

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