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What's the best, well designed, flight tracking site?

Asked by brittspace (47points) October 27th, 2011

What’s a nicely designed flight tracking site? Needs a good permalink page for a flight.

Thinking along the lines of:

I’ve seen several sites but they are horribly designed and difficult to navigate.

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I personally like Flight View
They have mobile apps also.

Otherwise I set it via the specific airline webite to send me a text.

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@blueiiznh It seems like they only will look up flight data 3 days in the future.

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@brittspace works realtime for me. I just checked the flights of some biz people i had in the office the past few days

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I used Flight View thanks to a suggestion from a user here when I wanted to track my son’s flight from Chicago to Madrid. My youngest daughter loved watching her brother in flight over the Atlantic in real time.

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@blueiiznh even for a flight booked for next month? It only lets me pick a few upcoming dates.

@jonsblond I’m also seeing the same here. It only lets me select a few days surrounding the current day.

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FlightAware is what I use to track my so as he flies. Not sure how far in advance it goes. They do have an app now too.

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