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A genuine, real deal movie monster/villain knocks on your door this Halloween, which would give you the biggest fright & do they get a trick or a treat?

Asked by ucme (50037points) October 28th, 2011

For the sake of pretence, let’s say a bonafide “beastie” from the big screen comes calling. Who’s your worst nightmare & what “fate” lies in store for them.

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All the treats I can spare. And not because he made me sh*t my pants.

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If a real monster was stupid enough to knock on my door, I’d flash him to divert his attention, then behead him with my famous shovel.

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Michael, from ‘Halloween’. He doesn’t get shit.

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@Ayesha That’s what i’m talkin bout & yeah, give him bugger all.

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Any werewolf. I’m all out of silver bullets, ya see.

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Teletubbies? Carebears? Barney?! Shit, well there goes the planet…

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Scariest movie thing out there? Lindsay Lohan. She’d get treats.

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The Lone Ranger would be the ideal Werewolf hunter. Silver bullets.

The scariest would be Zombies, and I don’t have any brains in my candy bowl.

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If the monster from “alien” popped in I would be really upset…fuck candy.

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Gozdilla. He breaks stuff.

And he can have whatever he wants. Not that I could stop him.


Norman Bates from “Psycho”. He gets candy corn, the kind he loved to munch on in the movie. But that’s all. As for room and board, I’d tell him to go rent a hotel room in the next city!

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Yeah, what @Seek_Kolinahr says. Godzilla. What the fuck am I gonna do against him? Whether he wants treats, my head or just wants to break the whole hood, my answer doesn’t mean anything. Godzilla will have what he wants, one way or another. And one way or another means either busting down stuff with his tail or breathing atomic breath on everything.

Also, Michael Myers.

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