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Where can I buy a reptile or raiden costume from mortal kombat?

Asked by latinagirl56 (112points) September 29th, 2011

Halloween is coming up and it’s my favorite holiday of the year. My cousins this year are going to be Subzero and Scorpion from the movie/video game Mortal Kombat for Halloween, and I want to be part of the group. (I found a Mileena costume but I think it’s to revealing for me). I originally wanted to be Scorpion but my cousin picked him before I could. So my next options are either Reptile or Raiden. I have been searching everywhere but I can’t seem to find any Reptile costumes. I did however find a Raiden costume but it’s pricey. So my question is where can I buy either costume? It could be online or in stores. And if I can’t buy a costume then can someone please show me how I can make one? (Preferably I would like to have a Reptile costume with the mask similar to Subzero not the animal head but if I can’t find one then I would go with Raiden)

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I don’t know either but I support @zensky‘s welcome and raise you a welcome too. Fancy dress shops? That’s all I can think of?

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ebay. You find anything there.

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Sorry, I do not see either costume mentioned on either ebay, amazon or at buycostumes. :(

Looks like you’ll either have to make your own or find another costume to buy.

Could you maybe go as the “gamer” and wear Kombat clothing (Tee & hat) items instead…take along a controller…maybe have a fake TV attached somehow?

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You can try to make one? Sewing isn’t that hard if you give it a go… I learned how to make my kids costumes and it was a fun process. You can get cheap sewing machines and fabrics at Walmart and their craft supplies are usually weird and odd and random too so…

If all else fails try Cosplay. They usually have everything.

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@GabrielsLamb thank you so much for your help… i went there and saw some amazing costumes that inspired me :D

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You’re welcome darlin… I started making my son’s costumes when they were little. My little one had the Edward Ulrich cape from full metal alchemist and he actually ended up wearing it for YEARS after he used it for halloween… It became like a superman cape to him. It’s fun making anime costumes if you need any tips, I have made sailor moon, Inuyasha, full metal alchemist and angelicon costumes… I would be more than happy to give you tips to making them perfect!

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I had a look around and I found the following:

I couldn’t find a reptile one…but if you got a scorpion or subzero costume u could just paint the needed parts green….and add some extra bits yourself to make it look more like reptile. Since subzero,scorpion and reptile wear the same base outfit…

PS love the Sound of the FMA outfit!

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From ebay or amazon, we think you can get anything of you want.

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