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What's the best way for me to find other parents to start a homeschool with?

Asked by St.George (5852points) May 13th, 2008

I want to homeschool my kids. I’m not a religious freak, just a disillusioned public school teacher who is unhappy with the direction of public education in California. I want to get together with a small group of parents who have the same educational goals as me, but I’m having trouble figuring out the best forum to find these other parents. Suggestions?

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First step will be to get that California Teaching Credential-that’s the new law going into effect.

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I’ve got one…

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Actually, you might start with the school district. Some places have innovative programs that allow shared use of facilities with home-schooled kids so that they get the social interaction component of school and use of things like computer labs.

Here is a web site with some resources in your area:

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My first step would be a church group

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Furthermore, I’m not sure what city you hail from but you may want to try putting out feelers at your local whole-foods stores, bookstores, library, farmer’s markets, montessouri schools, anywhere there are likely to be educated and concerned parents…

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Look into the educational book stores in the area. If you and others are concerned, you may want to take things a step futher and start going to school board meetings and address your concerns. I would be suprised if many teachers weren’t in aggreement with you. Parents would be shocked what they could do with an organized effort to change a school district. School Districts have school boards. They are elected and can be recalled. Why not go after the system and change it. The school board sets policy and standards of behavior. Why not get the ACLU involved in a step to curb unruly students? My take would be that teachers would love to back a group willing to change things.

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@ NVOldGuy Thanks for the suggestions. Yeah, if I were a Christian, this would be all kinds of easy, but I’m not. Many of the home-school organizations are religious-based or folks assume if you’re wanting to homeschool it’s for religious reasons, while mine are purely academic. Perhaps once we have a new president, standardized testing might take a back seat to actual learning. I’ll take the suggestion re: the school board and approach them as a parent. School boards are more likely to listen to parents than they are to teachers.

@nocountry2 Thanks! Hadn’t thought of those venues.

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My mom was a vice principal and later administrator in the CA school system (Clovis), and I was heavily involved in student leadership and rep to the school board, so I know how fraught with red tape and outdated procedures it is….it can be extremely frustrating, especially as there are many high-powered interests invested in keeping it the way it is (hi, standardized testing companies?) Add in trying to please every crazy parent who throws a fit about this science experiment, that English book, or dress code, and it’s a headache to get anywhere. Personally I am pretty hopeful that the charter concept takes off and schools are more centered around a business principle, so that there will be a market for quality schools not dependent on pleasing the masses.

Good luck! I have a feeling you will be surprised to learn that you are far from alone, and with an organized plan (especially being a teacher yourself) will have a flourishing home-school community in no time.

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a friend of the family was once president of the Home School Association, and has written a few books. Send me your email and I can forward it to him. He will be more than happy to help.

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my mom used to homeschool me if you go online look up homeschool coverns and type where you live and they will give you a list of coverns. the covern might meet some days and you can meet and talk with the parents.

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