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Are there any countries where a small, socially and fiscally conservative government is working?

Asked by Blackberry (33974points) November 1st, 2011

This is what American republicans say works the best for America. I was wondering if there was another country that was doing this.

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@zensky Israel, conservative? ... HA

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Read up, babes. If Netanyahu’s government isn’t conservative – I don’t know what is. It’s why Israel is doing well economically while the US and many European Countries are not.

Politics aside, the government has done good economically – and it started when Netanyahu – a Conservatibe Hawk in fact – was Finance Minister. In this cabinet (three years in now) he is both Prime Minister and de facto Finance Minister.


I don’t know if you’ll bother to read it – you can’t be very serious if you just threw that out – but the wiki article covers his years as Fin. Minister and Prime Minister.


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@zensky Socially, Israel is not conservative. Don’t get me wrong they’re no bastion of liberal communism or anything, but they’re definitely not conservative in that aspect.

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A country as big and as diversely populated as the US? Hmm…none?

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@zensky, what is the health care system like in Israel?

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I don’t know that Israel can be considered fiscally conservative, since US taxpayers subsidize its government. Last time I looked at the details, US aid was roughly equal to the enitire Israeli military budget.

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@YARNLADY Sweden? You mean the country where “conservative” means thinking that Marx was only almost completely right about everything?

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@SavoirFaire I was also a little confused about that one. They do use a mixed market that leans more towards privatization, but that hardly represents conservatism.

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@YARNLADY @SavoirFaire Yah, Sweden actually says they’re a socialist nation.

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Sweden says it is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system, @tedd.

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@bkcunningham Indeed, but the Swedish monarch has been a purely ceremonial position since 1917, and the Swedish Social Democratic Workers’ Party has been in charge of the parliament for exactly as long.

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