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What do you think are the least stressful jobs?

Asked by Jude (32162points) November 1st, 2011

Throw ‘em at me.

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Goodness, I’d like to know as well! Maybe a masseuse.

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Singing. If anything, it’s completely relaxing.

I have the easiest job in the world, my dear. I love it.

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I found being a hospital garbage collector pretty relaxing.

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It could be any job a person likes really well. It can also be the way a business is run like if the place is run by asses who naturally give off stress, then an otherwise decent job can be wrecked by bad supervisors..

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I suspect all jobs have there stressors but it’s always seemed like holding those SLOW/STOP signs and directing traffic around road construction seems pretty low stress, but I could be wrong. Possibly not though, there are a lot of angry idiots on the roads hellbent on getting everywhere in a hurry, so maybe it’s not as stress-free as it looks. A lot of jobs aren’t as stress-free as they seem from the outside.

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@lillycoyote I bet those flag men have sore feet at the end of the day. When your dogs are sad you are sad.

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I always told my mom (and then my girlfriend) that, if I ever have a traumatic brain injury, I would be most happy cutting grass at a cemetery with flat stones. Just back and forth and back and forth, all day long. Actually, I think I would like that job even without the TBI . . .

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@woodcutter Yes, you’re right, that is one big negative to the job. You are on your feet, all day, standing on a concrete surface, that may only be cushioned by a thin layer of asphalt. Standing on concrete is very hard on your feet.

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Mattress tester (Li’l Abner’s job in the comic strip)

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@lillycoyote I suppose it keeps going from there with tired knees and tired back and then there is the danger of someone not stopping and hitting them with the car. That would give me stress right there. People do dumb things behind the wheel, especially nowadays with so many things drivers have to take their minds off of what they are doing. And Those guys are probably on the low end of the pay scale too.

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Attendant at a privately owned and operated arboretum.

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Painting a house is pretty mellow. Sometimes it can be monotonus

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I think being an astronomer would be the least stressful. Looking up at celestial bodies feels like a natural stress reliever.

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@woodcutter Yes, even as I was writing my post, I was rethinking my position on flagger being a low stress job, but I went ahead and posted it anyway. I’m a nitwit sometimes.: – ) I did edit though, early on, to include “angry idiot” drivers as a possible stressor for that job. :-)

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@Neizvestnaya Actually, being a masseuse can get fairly stressful. Especially when you have “high maintenance” clients. Especially when they get demanding and snippy. Especially when you’d like to cosh them over the head when they’re rude but you know you can’t. Especially when they freakin stink! Especially when they stink really bad and they want you to spend extra time on their feet, which look more like troll feet. I’ve had to touch the naked bodies of several trolls. :P

I would think a house painter would be pretty stress-free.

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Except for occasional happenstances and the problem of staying awake, I would say night watchman for an office building. Lots of time to read.

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Depends on the person.

A singer will be most comfortable and least taxed whilst singing.

A painter will reach self actualization while painting a masterpiece.

Someone with no skills whatsoever (I don’t believe such a person exists) will be most comfortable doing absolutely nothing.

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Which ever one fits you best and that you like.

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I think I would like toll collector on the Florida turnpike.

Train conductor.

Information center at a mall or Disney World.

Customer Service trainer.

Of course it depends on the person. It would have to be something the individual enjoys doing. Even jobs with many demands don’t necessarily feel very stressful in a negative way,

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I had very little to no stress making pretzels for the mall pretzel shop as a teen. It was actually quite fun!

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Scarf juggler..


Wine tasters.

Cologne and perfume sniffers.

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Fluther moderator aint one of them.

Probably most manual labour; work hard, think little. Don’t bring work home and sleep well.

@KateTheGreat I actually think that singing (as a job) is the most stressful I can think of – it combines two of the greatest phobias there are – performing in front of people, and relying on something else not to go wrong (your voice and people’s appreciation).

I didn’t have the courage to pursue it, frankly, because of the stress factor.

Remember: – I am not my avatar.

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Those guys who get paid to test video games. Yeah, that ain’t workin. Money for nothin your chicks for free.

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Quality control inspector at an underwear factory…you know the one that puts that little slip of paper in the package that says inspected by number 5.

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Proof reader for a publisher. I used to wish I could get paid to read books.

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A friend of mine used to be a taste tester for Godiva chocolates.

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being an angel

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i am, and it is 0: )

a dishwasher in a cafe or diner

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Ski Patrol on a Cruise Ship. Probably not a lot of stress.

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basketball halftime sweeper or…
the ice dude driving the icemobile at mid hockey game

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the person who stocks the shelves at a Liquor store. No pressure, nobody is judging them. Just find the customer the bottle they need…


@blueiiznh My young nephew got a summer job stocking shelves at a liquor store, and he sometimes got hagged by annoying customers who wanted this wine from this particular region, color of wine, sweetness, year, dryness, kind of grapes used, etc., and when they didn’t get the answer they wanted, they would throw a childish fit. A little pressure, yes. lol

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College Softball coach.

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I think any job can be stressful, given the right (or wrong) set of circumstances. The job I had that was the least stressful of all was working as a receptionist in a one-dentist dental office. One patient at a time, I got to wear whatever I wanted, and the office was actually part of the dentist’s house. In between patients, he’d teach me dental stuff or we’d hang out in his kitchen chatting. Some people would probably be driven insane by the slow pace and relaxed atmosphere. So, it must depend on the person holding the job, not the job itself.

By the way, my husband worked for a company that did traffic control (though that’s not what he did). While he worked there, two flag men (one of whom was actually a woman) were killed on the job. Separate occasions. It was awful. :(

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The least stressful job I ever had was in a liquor store. I would work evenings and once I worked out the till, it was a blast and I had a great time with the customers. One even bought me a lottery ticket as a thank you.

I can’t really imagine any ‘job’ being completely stress free. It would have to come with no real responsibility, no supervision of any kind and no threat of ever being fired or hurt on the job. Oh, I have it. A Faux News personality. (I won’t call them reporters because I think it is insulting to the real thing).

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LOL. O.K., enough already! I get that flaggers don’t have one of the least stressful jobs!

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