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Please share a happy conclusion about life.

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) November 2nd, 2011

When I was typing a response to this question, I was pleased to have come up with several happy conclusions I have made about life. The best that popped into my mind is that there is such a thing as true love. So what is your happy conclusion about life?

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One can’t know the outcome for a situation and might be impressed how things go.

One needs to give chances to others and when they do the good thing they will feel really good.

Life is short but it’s worth living.

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Things are rarely as bad as they seem.
Most everything comes to an end.
A week later things normally never feel as bad as they did a week before.

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Most people, one on one, all over the world, are kind. Governments may get in the way, but most people are curious to know who you are, where you are from and what you think.

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Life is amazing. We create, live, breathe, dance, etc, etc. It’s joyous. We’re all connected whether we like it or not so naturally, there’s good in everyone.
It’s one big journey and we get to meet wonderful people and experience the most amazing, intense feelings along the way.
Another wonderful thing about life is Food, enough said!

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There is more than one true love for most everybody.

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Your children can grow up to be some of your most wonderful friends.

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Somehow, if you keep seeking it out, and keep the faith, you get by with a little help from your friends.

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I am happy to know child will get on with their life no matter how hard or how many times you beat them with a belt.

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Nothing you’re worrying about is worth worrying about. If the bad thing happens, worrying won’t stop it, but most of the time, things work out.

Even the worst mistakes eventually stop mattering.

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Love exists.
Things always get better. Always. Eventually.

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Eventually, all your mistakes don’t matter. And eventuallier, no one remembers you made them.

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Positive attitudes have positive outcomes….

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It ends. (Yes. That’s happy.)

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It is what you make of it.

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No one else is responsible for how you choose to feel. Being happy is entirely up to you.

Long ago, I made a pledge to myself to be happy every single day for the rest of my life, and so far – it works.

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A lot of people genuinely care about other people – even strangers.

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The impossible is possible more times than you think. It just takes a some hard work and faith.
A full life comes with 4 seasons. Each has a blessing of its own so enjoy them all and regret non that have past.
Spring-birth till 15. No worries. Everything is new and exciting. Hope is most vibrant.
Summer- 16–35 This season is busy with making important life decisions and new adventures and new loves.
Autumn- 35–55 Wisdom begins to develop. You figure out what is the most important in your life.
Winter- 55 and up. People may think you are cranky but you know your odds of seeing tomorrow are too limited to put up with assholes. You try to get as much sunlight in your life as possible before it gets dark. And you try to play more in the snow before the sun sets on you one last time.

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Overall life is really beautiful.

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Don’t get attached to your “story”, everyone has a story and it’s all the same story with minor variations.

You are here now, make the most of it, and remember, you are not any more or less “special” than anyone else. Life is a mystery, embrace it.

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There is nothing that you cannot recover from except losing your health.
Things will change… always.
You must never give up.
Prepare for the worst outcome and expect the best.
True love does exist, but sometimes you have to quit searching for it to find you.
If you lose your dreams, find new ones.
Learning is always a joy, if you allow it to be.
Hanging out with little children and old dogs is good for the soul.
If anyone else has done a thing before, so can you ( within the limits of genetics ).
Almost every battle you will ever fight is won or lost right between your ears.
Sometimes it’s the very small things in life that give the most joy.
At the end of it all, we get to go home.

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Money doesn’t make you happy.

Life is what you make of it.

You can marry your best friend. =)

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I would have said that “you SHOULD marry your best friend,” but it’s kewl. : )

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Love is all around you!

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You will always be happy if you truly follow your passion and mostly disregard people’s opinion of what you do.

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^^perfect answer =)

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Life is about making the best with what you have, appreciating the good – ignoring the bad. All this, to try to make it better for the next generation – our children – and maybe finally get some rest when it’s over.

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The love I share with my son is the strongest, most inexhaustible, pure-feel-good thing I know.


I just remember these old Chinese sayings my late paternal grandfather told me when I was growing up, which have to do with life. I wrote them down in my old high school dictionary, which I still have on my bookshelf.

“A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials.”

“An inch of time is an inch of gold, but you can’t buy that inch of time with an inch of gold.”

“Married couples who love each other tell each other a thousand things without talking.”

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall.”

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

“If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.”

“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.”

“Treasure every encounter, for it will never happen again.”

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.”

“If you look into your own heart, and you find nothing wrong there, what is there to worry about? What is there to fear?”

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Life’s a game, all you have to do is know how to play…....“game on!”

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@ucme I’m game. ^^

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Simple pleasures ARE the best. It is Preying Mantis breeding season over here and I have been having so much fum playing with 2 Preying Mantises this morning. lol

My cat found a large female last night in my house and I put her on a big bamboo plant on my deck.
This morning she is still there and then, I found another one, a male, on top of my car in the garage a little while ago.

I put him beside her on the plant and they are in the process of Mantis romance right now.

Awww, I’m quite the little matchmaker! haha

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Mantis romantis?

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@Coloma You say ‘aww’ now, but wait till she bites off his head!~

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@Mariah It’s going down now. She has decapitated him and is eating his head as we speak..damn, my camera has low batteries!

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It’s great. She gets dinner and laid. Perfect date.

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@cazzie Well, to be technical, she gets laid and then dinner but it still works fine.

Reminds me of the cartoon I have on my fridge: Female mantis is saying to the male, “After we have sex and before I eat you, I’m going to need some help putting up shelves.”

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@janbb I’ve seen that cartoon, funny! Yep, she already working on his abdomen, looks like it takes about 3 hours to finish the guy off. lol

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Being a grand-mother.

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That there are little bits and pieces of joy, wonder and delight scattered all over the place, in the world, in life, like Easter eggs, there simply for the taking and all you have to do to find them is not make quite so much noise, not move quite so fast, keep an eye out, and be open to appreciating them when you encounter them.

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