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Objectively, do you usually act, or come off as, older or younger than your years?

Asked by zensky (13418points) November 2nd, 2011

And why is that?

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My age has finally caught up with the usual way I’ve always acted since the age of 24. I’m now 43.

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When I was younger, under 20, I feel sure I seemed older. I was always pretty mature for my age. Responsible. I also always hung out with older people. I was very young for my grade and had friends who were a grade or two ahead.

Now that I am 43 I believe I look and act like a 43 year old. Although people tell me they would have guessed I was younger quite often. I have no idea if they are just trying to be nice or not? My husband agrees with me that I seem the age I am.

In some ways I am younger than when I was thirty. I enjoy things more, feel more free, desire to have more experiences.

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Younger. It’s the way I look.

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older, I started getting gray hair in high school

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Younger. I’ve often been mistaken for my son’s older sister.

I look and act 10 years younger than I am.

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I ” come across” as I am, regardless of age.
I’m in the age of wisdom, I could care less about how I “appear.”
I am the sage and the child, as it should be.

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I believe I act old if you asked my kids, but am a whippersnapper to my mother. Such will always be. The less you think about it, the younger you will appear, I would think though.

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Older. It’s the way I feel and what multiple people have observed. Although, how much older is the real question….

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I look younger than my years and come off as older than my years.

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Younger but very wise for my age

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I don’t know. Can I trust the people who say “I’d never guess you were as old as that?” What are they going to say, “Gee, I thought you were much older”?

It’s been a long time since I was carded, but the last time, I was about 34. And I was 48 when the girl on the boardwalk guessed 36. She had to give me a plush toy, but first she insisted on scowling at my driver’s license.

I don’t think I dress, talk, or laugh like someone who gets senior discounts at the movies (although sometimes just for fun I go for the student discount instead), but I am moving with much greater care and caution ever since I swore an oath never to break another bone.

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Generally younger. I look a bit younger than my age, i have stayed active. And having kids late in life has kept me younger.

Even though i am in my fifties, I go to a lot of concerts, I’m pretty up to date on indie/alt rock, I’m familiar with a lot of the zeitgeist.

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Older and I’m already kind of old. If I was well, I’d say much younger ‘cause I liked to burn it up and laugh and dance.

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I look and act younger and will continue to, as long as I have the energy.

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Some people say I look 14, some people say I look 25 (I’m 20)
Some people say I act like a 6 year old, some people say I act like I’m 50 the latter being the apparent reason that sometimes random people feel comfortable telling me their doubts, fears, secrets, and past.


People say that I’m mature in my thinking (and in the way I act) for my age, but when I’m having fun, they say I am young at heart and frisky.


@King_Pariah You’re 20? I thought you were much older. You sound mature for your age.

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I am 66 but no one ever guesses me anywhere close to that age. I have good genes and have very little gray hair. Because I am so active, I am in good weight and shape. Plus my interests are almost all those of a younger person. I was racing my razor scooter with some of the grand children and even a couple of great grandchildren today while the rest of the oldies sat and watched. I will not sit on the porch until I am too crippled to do anything else!

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People mostly think I’m older than I am, more so in the past than now. Why? I’m not sure.

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Most people think I am younger than I am. I think it is a combination of looks and attitude.

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Always young at heart.

I may be 67, but the fun and laughter has not left me, yet.

Like Tony The Tiger says, “I F E E L G R E A T” !!

I am like rooeytop. No one ever guesses my age. I pass easily for 45. God has been good to me and I know it.

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I’m sure I look ancient to anyone under 30, and I think I have an aura of being younger than my real age. I wish I could get to the point where I really don’t care about this much. I wish.

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I had a Jelly here tell me I could pull off 22 easy. I’m 17.

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Older, because what 19 year old thinks so much about health and houses so much fear? :\

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@MRSHINYSHOES yep, 20 for another 4 months.

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I’m sure older. I just have such a rational thought process… Sometimes I wish I could just relax and make the same stupid mistakes as everyone else my age!

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I look and sound younger than I really am, and I tend to have a goofy sense of humor with those I know well.

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Younger, but not young enough.

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People who mistake my age tend to think I’m older than I am. I’ve only been estimated to be younger than I actually am once, and I think it was mainly because my hair was pink.

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Offline, people seem to think I’m younger than I am.

Online, people seem to think I’m older than I am.

Why? Well, I assume it is because I look young and I can come across as quite an articulate person in my writing.

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