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Would you live in a (real world) Fluther community?

Asked by zensky (13418points) November 2nd, 2011

If there were some kind of Nuclear holocaust, and the remaining citizens of the earth banded together and lived in small communities – would you live in the (real world) Fluther community given the choice?

What would your role be?

Think Mad Max.

No, think Waterworld. Only as a good movie.

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Don’t worry. I will take care of you people if it comes to that.

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I have a powerful imagination, but Waterworld as a good movie? I can’t picture that.

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I’m there

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Waterworld reimagined as a good movie? Hmm, interesting. I sure loved that boat but hated the actor! Btw, have you noticed my avatar lately? Lol.

Oh, I’ll take the real Fluther community anytime over what would be left with…with the real Facebook community for example. But can I scootch over a real xxx community from time to time too?

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No. We would spend too much time asking each other questions rather than obtaining food.

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Yeah, I would. We have a great cross section of occupations here and have the chief of police already.

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I made homemade hot and sour soup just last week, and I made killer pickled red onions a few days ago.

But most of you folks would not necessarily be able to tolerate a vegetarian chef. The meat eaters would probably revolt and throw me into the pot.

Oh @zensky I can cook and write at the same time! I don’t got 2 hands for nuttin’. : )

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Sure! We’ve got a lot of important professions covered in our Flutherworld already, right? We’ve got doctors, cops, authors, and don’t forget the masseuse me, duh! We’ve got lots of intelligent people here, so I’m sure we’d take good care of each other.

I think we’d have to set down major rules in regards to religion and politics though… lol.

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Somebody quick tell me what could possibly get modded on a Q like this???

And any community with @WillWorkForChocolate and @Kardamom would be fed well.

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No way! I’m heading for the 4chan community.

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I don’t know the rule, @JilltheTooth, but apparently we aren’t permitted to refer directly to any virtual, anonymous members of an imaginary community or recognize one another’s excellent qualities as they might enhance such a community.

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@Jeruba: I was referencing two users who were already participating in the thread, relative to the thread itself.

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…and it was modded, you mean?

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Uh…no…it’s still there. Isn’t that what you were referring to?

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@JilltheTooth I think @Jeruba was answering your “what could be modded on a Q like this” question. Naming names was the reason they were removed.

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Oh, now I just feel silly. OK. Thank You. Been a distracting day.

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I’m not sure but now I’m in the mood to watch Westworld again. Haven’t seen that movie in years!

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As long as you’re not in the mood to watch Water World. What a waste of 200 million bucks.

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@zensky Yeah, someone coulda used that money to make another Star Trek movie!!!

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