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Will you help me tell a neverending bedtime story?

Asked by Meego (4692points) November 3rd, 2011 from iPhone

Ok, so anything goes. The only rule is that you need to continue the story from the last jelly.

I’ll start:
Once upon a time there was a princess jelly, who lived in an enchanted forest…

Ok, your turn :D

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Every night she would walk through out the forest and dream of her prince jelly. One dark yet starry night she saw a bright light shining down. As she wondered into a clearing, she gazed skyward and caught her breath… for it was that night she saw her very first wishing star…

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…and it nearly landed on top of her, crashing down violently, thrusting the princess back into the edge of the wood…

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…and releasing a deadly, contagious, and fast acting virus from outer space. Soon it had spread to all the animals of the forest.

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Only somehow the princess jelly was miraculously spared from the terrible wrath of the contagion as she awoke from being knocked back by what she thought was a wishing star…

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… Shaking her head in disbelief, she realized a space ship had landed right in front of her. As the hatch shlupped open, two silhouetted forms were seen moving towards her in the fog drenched white light. Could it be? Yes, it was White Vegas Elvis alongside Black Leather Elvis. They had an important message for her…

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..She, and they were the final 3 humans in existence and to prevent the extinction of the entire human race they needed to re-populate. The Elvi (plural of Elvis?) implored her to board their space ship and come with them….

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..But the princess told them in a rather loud and dominant voice, If you are going to board me and implore me, just do it right here! The shocked Elvi had never heard such a request and without haste, rushed back inside the ship and returned carrying a glowing object.

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…As the Elvi departed, the princess had a sudden epiphany; the glowing object consisted of her—yet unknown—Prince’s soul combined with hers establishing the ideal amount of love power to destroy the human world…

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… or the power to save it with love. Decisions decisions. She never liked company, or uninvited guests. The lines at the mall were always much too long, littered in white trash and every other spectrum of human garbage. She had felt the calling of road rage in every recent drive home from work. And now, with her new found soul sucking orb gifted to her by the dark and light Elvi, she could decide the fate of humanity once and for all.

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She killed everybody.

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And whilst celebrating with a tasty cone of pralines and creme, she tweeted her accomplishment to all.

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