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Can you simply explain the process of participating in an online traffic school program?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) November 3rd, 2011

I’m from California and I have to pay a ticket by February. I am wondering how the process of online traffic school works? Do you recommend it over the actual physical class? Do you have information on fees? Links perhaps?

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I did it in California and I had to read a bunch of stuff online then go in person to a pre-selected location to take a proctored test. When I got there I asked if most people passed the test, the proctor winked and said “everybody passes.” It was a very simple and painless process.

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It’s much better than going to the class, simply for the fact that you can go at your own pace and you don’t have to sit in a room full of other people who are not taking it seriously. About 15 years ago I went to a class and there was a young lady who had had multiple tickets for speeding in excess of 90 miles per hour and she thought the whole thing was really funny. I on the other hand got popped for going 35 in a 25 mph zone.

Then about 3 years ago I got stopped going down a steep hill by my house, in which it’s almost impossible to go 25 without burning up your brakes, I was doing 37, along with about 10 other cars. It was a convenient speed trap.

Anyway, this time I did the online course. You just find a course that is acceptable to the court. They’re usually listed on the back of the paperwork that you get when you receive a ticket, or you can call the court and they’ll direct you to a website that shows all of the 100’s of courses that are available to you, that are acceptable to the court.

I just picked the first one on the list. You have to pay a fee of about $20 to the traffic school itself (for which you will get the course, and then a certificate mailed to you to send to the court). And I think you still have pay the fine, but if you pass, the ticket will be removed from your record.

Anyway, it’s quite simple. It goes page by page and you have to read a little blurb first and then the next page has questions which you have to click on. They purposely throw in funny little questions that are un-related to the driving course, so that you have to read every single page. I could have easily passed the test with regards to the real driving questions in about 5 minutes, but then I would not have been reading the text that they really want you to read, so that you will get it through your head and hopefully try harder to drive better next time. But you will not be able to pass the test unless you read every single page, with the surprise information (sometimes about sandwiches, sometimes about deviled eggs or whatever) because you have to get a certain number of questions correct (to prove that you were reading every single page).

The information is easy to read, and they try to make it a little bit fun and interesting so that you really will learn something and try not to forget what you’ve learned. If you’re a fast reader, you can probably do the whole thing in about 2 and a half hours, as opposed to if you go to the class, you are required to stay there and listen to the instruction for 8 hours, plus a lunch. But it’s the same information.

If you do it at home, online, you can spread it out over as long as you need, or do it very quickly and be done with it.

I found the whole thing to be a very positive experience and a nice refresher course.

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when i lived in Cali, I got a speeding ticket once and I did

There are sections of reading to do, then a multiple choice quiz at the end of each section.

Seriously, all I did was cut and paste the reading sections into a word doc, skipped to the quiz section, then after I read each question I did CTRL+F to search the document I created using key words from the question to find the answer.

I was done with the 4 hour course in 1.5 hours. It’s supposed to be a 4 hour course, but when I used ticket toaster, there was no mechanism to limit how quickly I could take the test…

That was it!!! Highly recommend ticket toaster.

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Six hour class completed in two. Watch a video. Then fill in the workbook with all the answers the instructor gives.

$70… but no record of the offense, and no reporting to insurance.

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You should have received a list with your ticket info of traffic schools you can take on or offline. I would go with online since it’s faster, and you can sort of muscle your way through it quickly even though it’s expected to take several hours. Many of them will allow you to retake the test over and over even if you fail, and once you pass they will electronically transmit your passing certification to the court, or have you mail something over to the court. Mine cost about $40.

Only take a course from the list provided by the court, any other ones will not be recognized and you’d have wasted your time and money.

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