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I just got a new phone. Is there a way that I can politely but firmly tell my friends that giving me "hints" as to who is texting me is not okay?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21413points) November 4th, 2011

So, I just got this new phone and I did post on facebook that I need numbers. Only about 4 people texted or messaged me to give me their numbers. I managed to transfer some of my contacts from my old phone but that still left a sizeable chunk un-transferred. I just got a text from one of the untransferred ones and when I said that I got a new phone and asked who it was, instead of telling me, he started giving me “hints.” I figured out who it was, but when people do that, it just pisses me off because, usually, I don’t have the time and I never have the patience to try and figure out who it is.

So, Jellies, is there a nice way that brooks no argument for me to tell people to cut it out?

I’m sure a lot of you will want to tell me that “it’s all in good fun” or that I should “lighten up” but every time I get a new phone or add someone to my buddy list, this happens and I have never been okay with it. It is annoying and bothersome for me.

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Nope, but get the phone company to “move” your old contact info to the new phone.

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Tell him: ‘Please stop doing that because it’s creeping me out. It’s either you give me your number or you don’t. :)’ Add a smiley to make it sound more friendly.

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@Tropical_Willie: It would be time-consuming and expensive since I moved from a regular phone to a smart phone.

@Luiveton: I may have to just do that if anyone bugs me like this.

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@KatawaGrey They can do it, they have the technology !

They did mine… Ten minutes in back room.

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@Tropical_Willie‘s suggestion is good. It does only take them a few minutes. They transferred mine over when I went to my first smartphone from a RAZR (oh, it seems so long ago). You can also do it simply yourself too. Put your SIM card back in your old phone, select all your contacts and “save to SIM,” then put your SIM back in your smartphone and select “move from SIM,” or hell, leave them on your SIM if you want. I did it that way when I went from my first smartphone to my second – was super simple.

If you really want to do it by asking people to send you numbers, then just tell them you don’t have the energy to play guessing games with everyone who sends you “hints” so if they could please just tell you their name you’d appreciate it.

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Stop being a dumb c*ck for two seconds. Be an adult and tell me who it is, please and thank you.

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Rather than blanket posting ” everyone text me your numbers!!!”, why don’t you just directly ask the people who’s numbers you want to know “What is your number?”.

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I’m not nice about it. That annoys me to no end. If you contact me and refuse to just tell me who you are, I’m going to give you a piece of my mind. I don’t like that. Is there a reason that they couldn’t transfer your numbers from your old phone?

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@ANef_is_Enuf: I have Sprint but I bought the phone from a non-Sprint store. In order to get all my contacts just transferred across, I would have to send both of them off to Sprint and then get them back a few days later. Don’t wanna do that.

@MrItty: And how do you propose I do that? I need these people’s numbers because I don’t see them…

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@Allie: That’s what I’ve been doing. Rather than messaging the 50 or so people individually whose numbers I still need, I just put out the call on my profile.

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@KatawaGrey and that’s what you get for doing so. You want to choose the method that involves the absolute least effort on your part, you get the absolute lowest quality results.

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@KatawaGrey You could send Facebook messages to people – private ones, not public wall posts. Or you could write one and send it to everyone whose number you really do want and forget the hundreds of other people you hardly talk to. Plus, when they respond to the messages on Facebook you’ll know exactly who is who.

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I am having a 1st World crisis. Some people think it’s funny to be dick when giving me their digits for my new cell phone. I prefer to get the numbers in without playing 20 questions…..

or something like that.

Mind you, you’ll still have people that will dick around with you.

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I can’t think of a polite way, no. Upon the first hint, I’d say ‘no I’m not playing. If you don’t tell me your name, I’m not saving you. Thanks’

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If it bothers you that much, you should be straightforward about it. People need to know it’s not ok, if it’s really not ok. Threatening people with legal action usually works!

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It’s one person, right? This does not sound like a problem. Blow the person off. Don’t play their game. It’s probably some guy who wants to get in your pants.

Are a number of people doing this? Fuck ‘em. Do without the numbers.

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There are more people who don’t like guess games…, my girlfriend is one of them.
I will ask her: “Poh, how much money do you think the rich Greeks have put on banks in Switzerland?”.
She hates it she has absolutely no idea about numbers and amounts so she’ll never get it and therefore I decided that I will not do that anymore.
I suggest to politely tell the funny guy that you really don’t like these guess games and if he can be so good to not bother you with them anymore in the future.

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