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How do I sync only contacts with phone numbers from address book to my iPhone?

Asked by ezraglenn (3499points) December 1st, 2007

I got my iPhone today (yay!) and everything about it is fantastic. But my address book has bajillions of names in it with no contact information, because all of my ichat buddies have cards in Address Book which sync to the phone as just a blank card with their names. How can I set up Address Book so that it only syncs cards with phone numbers (or other specific information) and not every card?

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I used Groups in my address book to weed out the partial entries, and then specified which groups sync to the iPhone in the iTunes Info tab.

Enjoy the iPhone, it’s a great device!

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thanks so much!

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Not sure how the iPhone works, but the iSync application for syncing other types of phones has an option in the “advanced” options to only sync contacts with phone numbers. I would have to think iPhone has this option as well, but since I don’t (yet) own an iPhone, this is just speculation.

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it doesnt have this option but like stated above you can work around it pretty simply

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A neat thing I found was if you have your old phone you can use this And I haven’t tried but hear it works great!!!

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