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What is your current personal short-term (say, within the scope of a year) goal?

Asked by Mariah (24814points) November 5th, 2011

Do you have a goal you’re working towards right now? What is it? (I say “short term” because I don’t want this to be a bucket list thread.)

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I would like to donate blood, or at least be in shape to qualify to do so, by the end of 2012. I need to gain about 20 pounds, and probably my hemoglobin needs to rise a bit, but I think I could do it. By the end of my life I would like to have donated at least 12 units because I’d like to have given more than I’ve received.

More short term, it’d be cool if I could make my Etsy shop successful.

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I want to get the lights turned on at home again (today makes a week without heat or electricity). I’m hoping that today’s the day.

I want to stay employed and productive.

I hope to make another birthday by the end of another year.

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Rent out one of my empty apartments…

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Get more comfortable with driving the car while we are in Florida. Sounds like a small goal but it is a biggie.

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@janbb – Is driving in Florida that bad? I thought nothing is worse than driving in NYC or NJ.

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To get back to yoga, to polish an article and start submitting it for publication.

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Get a state job.

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@HungryGuy No – I’m just phobic about driving in new places.

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Get on the management training program at work.

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My own personal goal is to get with my walking program in order to get back to a healthier weight.

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Stalk super hot guys. Lalalla. >__>

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Not to loose the important people in my life, cause now I live very far from them.

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Finish writing/editing etc. the learning materials I am working on.

Get the new plants I bought in the ground.

Ride my stationary bike every day.

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Clean my room. Hah.

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Very broad, but I want to read a lot more. I don’t have a job at the moment, so I’d like to take advantage of the time I have to get a lot of reading done/learn as much as possible.

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Check off the first item on my list. Lights and power have been on for almost 5 hours now.

New first goal is to get the air temperature in the house up to 60°F, the refrigerator down to 40°F and the freezer to 0.

Then to get a new sump pump tomorrow – and install it, and to remove the soaked carpet from the cellar floor.

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1. Continue losing weight from my pregnany and perhaps eveb a few extra pounds.

2. Start running.

3. Have a weekend alone with my husband.

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Less internet and more exercise.

I’m off to a good start.

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@HungryGuy I’m lookin for a place…

I don’t got anything besides trying to stop drinking. It’s not a short term goal, but it sure feels like it lol.

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@janbb I feel the same way about driving in a new place.Glad to hear it isn’t just me

My current short term goals are leaving my current job without falling into financial ruin, losing about fifty pounds and working on my assertiveness. Also, I think I want to add sewing and sign language to my skillsets.

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@Symbeline – You want to move to upstate NY?

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