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Do you have a friend who absolutely cracks you up?

Asked by zensky (13418points) November 5th, 2011

You laugh hysterically from their slightest effort in making a joke – or just the expression on their face?

Are you that person that keeps ‘em in stitches?

Do you have stitches? Did it hurt? How many? Bicycle related accident?

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Yes. We start laughing all the time in phone calls (we live too far away to ever see each other). We keep each other in stitches. Yes, it hurt, and made breathing almost impossible. I think there were 2436 stitches, and it was related more to a near-death experience than bicycles, but bicycles did play a role.

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Thanks for reading the details, wundayzenmaster.

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Used to in college. He was heavy into meth though and light on the weed all through college and all the way till today I’m sure. Haven’t seen him in 15 years but friends we share told me he’s still alive and still using. He was hilarious with or without the drugs.

He was the Kumar to my inner Harold. Btw, just saw their new 3D movie and its still awesome!

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I am usually the one keeping people in stitches. I don’t have any stitches though. Well not left in me. I think they dissolved,

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I couldn’t survive if I was unable to be around people that couldn’t make me laugh. There is nothing better in life than to make my friends laugh. No one I know is a friend unless they can laugh or make me laugh.

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Yes, he went on once about a goyischer kegger for about 2 straight hours and meant every word of it. It was so funny I could not stop laughing. We decided he should go onstage at a comedy club, but he decided to make a tape first.

I came over and enjoyed him working on it for days, weeks, months—a lot of the stuff was totally outrageous and politically incorrect and sexually over the top. One day I came over to see how he was doing. He said “I erased it. What if I should die, and god forbid, my mother should hear it?”

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Aye. She usually does this when there’s tension around. [not related to our situation but to whatever is wrong with others].

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Yes I do. Several in fact. They crack me up on a regular basis, to the point of me crying and hurting with laughter. I’ve had to use my asthma inhaler a few times because I was laughing so hard I literally couldn’t breathe. =0)

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@anartist funny story.

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A friend of my parents is absolutely hysterical. I just see him and I start to laugh, anticipating he will make me laugh.

I have had a few friends or coworkers in my lifetime who have made me laugh like this, it’s such a treat.

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Yes, my sisterwoman friend I call Moshpit Marci. She’ll go ahead and say the things I’m only thinking and she’ll run with my vein of humor, drawing me out to play, drawing out the best play in everyone who’s with her. A few times her husband has been worried to let us go out together to a club concert, just the two of us because he knows we’re going to “run in the streets” just like parents growl at their kids not to do.

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Yeah, my friends at lunch. I have a lot of friends, but I sit with these guys specifically because they make me laugh so hard, I can’t even eat. I love them so much. For one thing, they control how much I eat. So, I just bring less to pack and so then its less food to worry about. They’re very funny.

One time, it got a little out of hand, and my apple, ended up through a window (we eat in the Botanical Gardens at school, outside) and it gave me a detention. But it was worth it. I love how funny my friends are.

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My best friend. When we get together we often laugh the afternoon away. She’s more like a sister than a friend.

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Yes, I have a few actually. I always end up laughing at lunch and in band class because of my friends.

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My sister-in-law cracks me up. You should hear her talk about their childhood. Of course, she is my good friend, too. Actually I met her first, we became friends, and then she introduced me to her brother.

Her stories about her childhood reminds me of a Bill Cosby routine. Ha-ha!

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