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I bought a chefs knife today; knives excite me and frighten me. What excites and frightens you at the same time?

Asked by rebbel (24666points) November 8th, 2011

I saved points to get the knife and was thrilled to get it.
It is big and pointy and razor sharp I accidentally cut my finger already :-).
The design, and the usability of it I love.
The danger (the ability to severely hurt yourself accidentally) and the potential lethal weapon it can be, frighten me.
Have you got similar object/products that simultaneously scare and joy you?

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Fire. The joy significantly outweighs the fear, though. I’m just very, very cautious.

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Chainsaws. You can rip through a lot of wood in a hurry, but the kickback on those suckers is pretty mean.

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Free climbing.

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Women (I wouldn’t call them ‘objects or products’, however, unless I wanted to be scared all the time.)

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My wife! LOL!

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My motorcycle.

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Roller coasters
Good sex
Doing gymnastics The video isn’t sped up, but it does slow down. I think they’re on a ski-floor
Death I feel strange for saying that lol

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Sex frightens you??

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<<< Watching it with mouth open…
@Facade Holy shit…, that is one great video. Thanks for that!
In the Olympics: exit the pommel horse, enter extreme tumbling!

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@CaptainHarley I don’t really know how to answer that without being entirely inappropriate haha
@rebbel I know! I miss it so much; those guys are amazing!
@Leanne1986 Fire, that’s a good one!

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Looking down from great heights. It’s a thrill to be so high, but there’s a sense of fear in my stomach.

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Driving a little recklessly.

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approaching or flirting with a slightly older boy/man.

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@downtide I forgot about Thunderstorms. I love them but when lightning is included they scare me a little too.

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When I was working, it thrilled and excited me to have my colleagues rely and depend on the results of my work where it could impact their professional reputations.

The same is true when I counsel people.

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The Ocean.

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The ocean, lighting a bbq or fireplace, buying new firearms, driving fast.

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Oooh yeah! Riding my motorcycle.

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Blind dates usually both excite and frighten me.

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Driving fast.

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Parachuting and deep scuba.

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Scuba diving. I usually have to stay on the surface for a while and build up my confidence that I WILL be able to breathe.
@zensky, I’m a foo foo diver. No more than about 60 feet for me.

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You asked about objects didn’t you? My chainsaw doesn’t scare me as much as it used to; I’ve gotten kind of used to it. But I still find my circular saw both exciting and kind of scary. I love the power of it, but the blade is so naked, and right out there. And it’s completely controlled my own two little hands! It scares me a little, I’ll admit. But some things you should be a little afraid of, I think; you should have a sort respectful fear of, so you don’t do stupid things with or around them; so you use them safely.

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@lillycoyote You just reminded me. Table saws are amazing, but they make me very nervous. It just seems so easy to have a clumsy moment and lose a hand…

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@bobbinhood Yes, it is really easy to lose a hand or a finger that way. Did you know that someone has invented as system that allows a saw to detect human flesh, to tell the difference between a piece of wood and a human finger and stop the blade if it is a finger? It’s pretty amazing. Expensive and amazing. They’re SawStop saws. I’d love to have one of those. I have my dad’s radial arm saw in my garage, but the thing terrifies me so it just sits there.

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Tornadoes. I’d like to ride with those maniacs who drive into them. I’d be pooping in my pants but it would be exciting poop.

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@lillycoyote That’s really cool. I didn’t know anything like that existed.

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Frighten might be a little strong for these, but I do have some anxiety that go with the below:

Manicures and pedicures
Traveling to a new place
New job or promotion
Making a big purchase (house, car, computer, furniture, anything over $500 is difficult for me)

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I’m not comfortable with having sharp pointed knives in the house but I understand it’s a necessity. Any knife however in the hands of my SO terrifies me. The way she handles it in the kitchen is downright dangerous.

If you ask her for it, she will hand it pointing towards you. She also uses it to point at things and when she turns around, the knife swings with her. I swear she would either sliced through my eye or disembowel me one of these days while chopping onions.

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Roller coasters!!

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@mazingerz88 Have you tried to correct how she handles a knife? That’s rdiculous.

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I did slice open the top of my fingernail (to the bloody flesh) the othe day with a serrated knife. (Still hurts.). Maybe I should be more afraid.

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Firecrackers and kitchens.

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@EnchantingEla Both at the same time? That does sound rather exciting, yet frightening. The bottle rockets must really do a job on your kitchen ceiling. :-)

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@EnchantingEla Firecrackers if they’re M80s or larger.

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Science the documentation but, sometimes being ignorant seems easier.

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Shaving with a straight razor.

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Catamaran sailing.

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