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Have you noticed this phenomenon/is there a genetic explanation?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11718points) November 8th, 2011

I’ve noticed several examples of sisters where the younger one is the more attractive of the two. I’ve seen it with some brothers as well. Have you noticed this?

Could it be a genetic thing, that the genes need a “practice round” and combine better the second time?

No offense to those Jellies who have younger siblings!

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Wasn’t true in my family. Of the three of us siblings, the youngest was shortest in the looks department. I think it’s the luck of the draw.

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I have noticed that, but only for 50%.
I’m more attractive than my older brother but my younger brother is less attractive than me. ~

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Well, I do have an older sister, so I guess this makes sense ~

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The second of two children is the more attractive exactly 50% of the time. The same is true for IQ, height, ...

the rest of time the opposite is true!

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The first-born in my family got the looks, the brains, the personality… and the Fluther account.

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I haven’t noticed it. I’m obviously better looking than my two younger brothers ;P

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Thanks, I’m the oldest of five. I guess that makes me plug ugly.

I think you could find as many examples the other way as you have better-looking younger siblings.

Here is one:

Vanessa Redgrave (4th photo down).

Lynn Redgrave (5th photo down).

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I haven’t noticed that.

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yup my sister is much more attractive than me

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Sis may have gotten the looks, but I got the big tits.

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There are five to look at in mine. I have not noticed this in our family.
My parents did a damn good job on us all with the gene pool blender.

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I’m an only as is my daughter. We’re pretty girls, but, nothing to compare it to. lol

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Maybe it’s a middle thing. In our family, number 4 of six was the raving beauty in a family of better than average looking kids. ALL the grandchildren are stunning.

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