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What are some marketable skills that Flutherites have?

Asked by talljasperman (21866points) November 8th, 2011

Are you an expert in some area? How do you know you are an expert in something?

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I know I’m an expert at something because I say so, command a price for it – the price is met.

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I used to be an expert in clinical experimental research design, analysis and interpretation.

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@zensky I’m an expert in something to… Because I’m still alive despite my shortcomings.

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Okay – teaching ESL.

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I’m an expert at customer service and handling complaints. I know this because customers keep thanking me and saying “thank god somebody could help”.

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@downtide So you’re the one. Could you clone yourself and come here.

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@downtide I understand your frustration…please call again.

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@talljasperman You mean marketable skills that Jellies have in real life, or skills that Jellies demonstrate here on the site that could be marketable for Fluther’s benefit?

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@zensky if where you are is warmer than where I am, I’ll come.

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T-shirt weather almost all winter.

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@rebbel In real life, that also includes Fluther…

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I have a background in customer service for a large import company, real estate assisting and interior design/ home staging expertise along with retail experience.
Jill of all trades here. ;-)

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I can write really short comments on the spur of the moment. If that isn’t marketable, it should be.

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Teaching. If I really know how to do something, I can teach it to someone else.

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Can you make money? Lots? Teach me?

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Sorry, Zensky. Even as a part-time banker, I haven’t figured that out. You’ll be the second to know if I ever figure it out. Other skills I have, but not that.

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@wundayatta Can you really write short comments?

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@tedibear PM me with details as soon as you know. Thanks.

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I can make a bed and bounce a quarter on the sheets. Not much else you can do with a quarter these days….

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@janbb Short comments? 7… 8 paragraphs? Piece of cake!

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Heh…and I thought I was the queen of verbosity!
I do admire your writing. :-)

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I’m not an expert at anything, but I do like a lot of stuff.

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The minute I think I am an expert at something , I’ve lost my edge.

An expert is a person who avoids the small errors while sweeping on to the grand fallacy.
~Steven Weinberg

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According to my friend’s two dogs, who I visited this afternoon, I’m an expert rump scratcher and nose kisser.

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Us flutherites are all of the finest quality we offer a daily dose of whatever is needed and are on the up and up we provide debate team analysis, have therapy treatment, sex therapy, we are doctors who give medical advice, child care professionals, religious and non religious teachings and the odd judgment…why should we NOT be marketable?

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I only wish all of my skills/interests were marketable. i have a lot of experience in one thing, that is designing clothes and costumes. I can design anything for babies to girls from child to adult! I don’t like designing for boys and men very much. I am just not good at it, don’t have the feel for it.
But I am interested in so many other things and in a way I feel stuck just doing what I am doing because it is the only thing I can make enough money at to survive.

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I know a lot about Wordpress. I know enough that I turn down 80% of the jobs offered.

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I get paid to do specialized engineering work. You can tell when I have a deadline or if I’m stuck in the airport – I screw around here more.

@johnpowell You underestimate yourself. We all think you are one of the most clever guys around. “Oh, I think I’ll whip up a quick grease monkey script that will massage my privates whenever a spammer comes on fluther.”
I don’t know how you do it, but you are my hero.

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