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Do you think this is a good gift?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) November 8th, 2011

okay so…In 18 days it will be 10 months that I’ve been with her. Right now I’m doing something really big for her. I got a giant poster board (her card) And right now I’m making her a CD that has memories, and pics of us, along with cheesy captions…. I’m not done with the CD but I’m almost finished, only need a little more left. But how would you react for getting a anniversary gift like that from you S/O?

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Sounds great, It’s something I would appreciate.

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It sounds lovely @Vincent_Lloyd and it comes from your heart. Those are the best presents.

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I would love him…even more…;)

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If I were you, I’d wait till an actual anniversary to do something this extravagant. Unless you’re out of ideas. It would seem a lot more meaningful if she got this on your 1 year anniversary compared to 10 months.

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Good ideas! @Afos22 is right though, save some for the actual anniversaries. Question always seems to be “what do I do for an encore?” Word of advice: try to never lose your attitude about your relationship!

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I agree with @Afos22.

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What’s not to love about such a thoughtful, romantic love gift from your sweetie? I think she will be overwhelmed with your heart, again!

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Oops, this should be given at actual anniversary, not 10 months!

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It would be totally unexpected. (but then I forgot my wedding anaversary 10 years ago and my husband will never let me live it down.) 10 months? It sounds very sweet.

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It is a lovely idea!

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I agree to waiting for the 1 year anniversary. The gift itself is perfect, but as others said, it becomes a problem to do it better each time. A small, less intense gift at ten months would be better, say her favorite candy bar with a bow on it or a specially smooth stone to carry in a pocket to remind her of you. . .something insignificant, except that it came from you.

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And if I were doing something out of love for someone I cared about, I would not sabotage the gift by labeling things as “cheesy captions.” That’s perjorative.

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Sounds awesome and very thoughtful!

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great move. don’t do another for a couple of months.

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Sounds o.k. but be careful, you don’t want to look like you cling too much. I would think that this type of gift would be more appropriate for a wedding anniversary. I think that there should be a commitment before you get to sentimental. But that’s just my opinion.

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@Ron_C: FWIW, the OP is 14 years old and has had an emotional life fraught with…the only word I can think of is fraughtness.

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It is very sweet and a grand romantic gesture!

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Sounds good to me. Doesn’t look like you can lose.

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That’s really sweet. :)
She’ll love it.

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@gailcalled I don’t usually read the bio of the people that ask questions. In this case I should have. I would recommend against this sort of gift for a young girl that he met 10 months ago. It makes him appear extremely needy and pretty weak.

If he wants to do some sort of digital gift I would recommend a CD with some of their favorite songs and keep away from things what will make him think he’s stalking her.

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@Ron_C after reading your response I read the bio as well. @Vincent_Lloyd is in 8th grade and I would presume the girl is, if not his age, close to it. I think this gift is entirely appropriate for this age group. I think the last thing a young man this age needs to be concerned about is looking needy and weak. I just don’t see a girl that age drawing that conclusion after receiving this gift. Now if the captions say things like “I can’t live without you” or “you are my world” or “the sun rises and sets on you and without sunshine I will wither and die like a flower in a dark closet” that would be needy, weak and downright creepy. Note to @Vincent_Lloyd: Stay away from those types of comments, keep it light.

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@SuperMouse maybe it’s different from a woman’s point of view. “Keep it light” is close to what I was suggesting. I know that, when I was a boy, we tended to stay away from things that were too romantic and I actually started to avoid a girl that I liked because she was becoming too intense. She was even talking about getting married and having 6 or 7 children, that made me very uncomfortable. I suspect that most other girls would feel the same as I.

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@Ron C, 6 or 7 children?! Yikes, I certainly can’t blame you for breaking that off, especially if you were around Vincent’s age! I hear you and you make a great point.

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@SuperMouse yes I was EXACTLY Vincent’s age and thank you.

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Well I haven’t updated my bio in awhile I’m really a freshmen right now but I mean when we started dating we didn’t just meet, then decided to go out. We were friends for about a year in a half or so since we became friends about in 7th-8th grade and started dating somewhat towards the end of 8th. And ever since then we’ve been in a happy and stable relationship. Sure there may be times or days when it’s not so great, but we’re originally not the cause of each others irritation, honestly. And this is just a comparison to all or…most of the relationships at the schools. Many consider our relationship the strongest but not the longest yet since it’s only been 10 months…But it’s going to be a year in 2 more. But thank you all for the pointers on it.

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@Vincent_Lloyd I met my wife when we were 16 in high school and at a part time job. We married when we were 18 so that makes 45 years of married life. I can’t say that it has always been a bed of roses but we are still in love and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That being said, we are the rare exception. Most high school romances end shortly after graduation when one or both go off to college, or the military. I don’t know how we did it but I caution you that your romance stand an excellent chance to end. You’ll be hurt but eventually find a permanent partner.

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