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What reminds you that you're aging?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33030points) November 8th, 2011

I just picked up my first pair of bifocals from the optician’s office.

What makes you think that you’re not a spring chicken any more?

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Hollywood actors. When I first saw Tom Hanks in the movie Splash as a lanky twenty-something actor, I was a college freshman. Now, Tom obviously looks much, much older. Guess who else is?

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When I see the beginnings of bags under my eyes!

I don’t have many wrinkles yet but that does. Oh and the emergence of grey hairs that I can really notice.

Starting to give serious thought to retirement and our financial situation.

Not really wanting to put on serious heels. I am much happier in flats or nearly flats.

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Every time I see a new picture of my niece, Jade.
She’s three years old now. It’s crazy…

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I can no longer drink like I am 19 anymore.

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This time next year both my kids will be teenagers!
I mean in terms of maturity, that makes me the “kid” of the house….....which is nice.

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My joints are starting to wear out. They still work once I get them warmed up and moving but it is a lot harder to do that now!

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The mirror.

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My hearing is going bad, I am taking 4 medications every day, which I hate, I have a lot less mobility than I used to, I see wrinkles on my hands and arms.

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The number of times I have an audible reaction to simple activities. Getting up out of my chair requires grunting.

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Joints that ache, eyes that don’t see as well, and how did my mothers hands get at the end of my arms?

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I can’t carry a heavy backpack as fast and as far as I used to. I took my teenage son camping recently. We hiked up a mountain with our packs. When I was a young Marine, I used to do this all day. This time I had to take a lot more breaks!

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Well, there is the matter of having seven grandchildren… I guess the reading glasses thing bothers me the most. And it happened so dang fast!!!!! Having said that, I have actually been taking better care of myself the past couple years, and I really feel better now than I have for a long time. 8) <me with my readers
@wilma – “how did my mothers hands get at the end of my arms?” LOL- me too!!!

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When I see my mothers jowels start to creep in my mirror.
the eyesight reminder happened a few years ago.

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I started having to wear readers when I was in my 30s, that didn’t make me think of aging, that just pissed me off.

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@JilltheTooth, I was really pissed too. I bought a blackberry (before iPhones) and thought it was defective because I couldn’t see it.

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Knowing the answer to the question, “Hey kids, do you what time it is?” when it was asked on another forum yesterday.

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I would say that the major giveaway for me would be….....I’m sorry, what was the question again?

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Every time I get up and move.

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When I see the laugh lines on my face.

When I get up at 3 AND 5 AM to go pee.

When my hips and knees pop when I get out of bed in the mornings.

When kids are just playing, having a great time, and the noise irritates me.

When I have that weird thought about opening a retirement savings account.

When I think about my 10 year old starting high school and learning to drive in just a few short years.

When I think about needing to save money for my daughters’ cars, colleges and weddings.

When I realize how long it’s been since I graduated from high school.

When I say that I prefer to stay home, comfy in my jammies with a good book rather than getting “dressed” and going to a party.

When I think about my 10 year old getting close to starting her cycle and getting her first kiss.

When I remember that if I hadn’t lost my first pregnancy, I would be mother to a high-schooler already.

OH DEAR GOD, I feel old now. Thanks. :P

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When I ask, “What the hell kind of music is that? Why is it so damn loud? Are those kids deaf?”

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When I read questions and answers by young people on Fluther and don’t know what the heck they are talking about.

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The past couple of years have gone really quickly. We’re now in November and I am thinking, were did this year go? I remember as a kid, when adults said things like “I can’t believe how quickly this year is flying by” I used to think it was something only “old” people said but now I am saying it myself!

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The unforgiving clock when I go jogging.

Every time that I go for a dental appointment or should I say dental disappointment.

Who is that old ugly bald-headed geezer in the mirror?

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Wasn’t it just Monday? Everytime Monday rolls around I’m astonished by how the weeks fly by.

When I was a kid, my grandpa warned this would happen…it’s happened so soon

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When I wake up and the 16 surgeries I have had in the past, begin to remind me that I am not a kid anymore.

Thank God for Celebrex.

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When I receive brochures from undertakers in my letter box.
Like yourself, @Hawaii_Jake, I have to start wearing bifocals mine are ready in a few days.

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Not knowing or caring what all the i – (things) are.

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More wrinkles and gaining weight.

Interestingly most of my health problems don’t make me feel old, but they make me feel sick and closer to death. That includes stiff muscles and other chronic health problems I have.

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@Leanne1986 I have a theory about the passage time going faster and faster. You know when you drive to a place for the first time, following directions? You watch for the first turn at the gas station, then 3 miles and turn at a particular church, etc. The second time, you look for the same landmarks to find your way. Each subsequent trip, those land marks seem to come up quicker and quicker until you don’t even have to think about the directions. I think the landmarks for our lives are the holidays and celebrations that are important to us. They come up faster each year because we’ve been there before, and time seems to fly.

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@Hawaii_Jake I got my first pair of reading glasses a few months ago. Mostyl though I’m reminded of my age when I go to one of the local LGBT clubs and I’m thinking “wtf is this music?”

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When my wrists crack on the steering wheel as I drive to work in the morning.

For the first time EVER, I left a concert early last week.

I can’t go past 5hrs of Beavis & Butthead videos.

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@janbb – it’s Howdy Doody Time! with Buffalo Bob and Clarabell too! heheheh

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@mazingerz88 I went to High School with him. Seeing him aging in movies reminds me that I am getting old too, and he looks much better than I do.

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My teenage clothes are in style again!

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Watching 70s horror movies and being reminded of when a bush was common and Telly Savalas was just a detective.

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When my daughter had to explain to me that Paris Hilton was not just a hotel in the French capital.

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There were too many answers to this question for me that I couldn’t pick one until Zen posted the article in his link on this thread and that one really hit me.

Mick Jagger is 67!!!! What happened to my life? Where did the time go?

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@lillycoyote In his case, it’s the years and the mileage!

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I saw the Stones in concert a couple of years ago (or longer and my age addled brain has minimised the time passed) and he was still running from one end of the stage to the other while singing. He is wrinkly but he still has heaps of energy.

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When I come home from work and I can barely move.

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@janbb and @Bellatrix That was the other thing about the article that made me feel kind of ancient, the way they talked about people like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, James Taylor and Mick Jagger, as though they were to be admired for holding up pretty well, considering their age. All those boys were so young once! I was so young, once. ;-)

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