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In this end of the world scenario, how do you think the human race would behave after the truth sets in?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25915points) November 8th, 2011

For some reason, this latest asteroid flyby made me a bit anxious. It is as big as an aircraft carrier and I just assumed that if it impacted earth, it would have caused serious damage in a populated area like a city for example.

But my question is this. If an asteroid, big enough to annihilate the human race is just one week away from impact, how would we eventually behave once we realized and accepted that indeed, it is the end for all of us.

Would there be non-stop chaos globally or are we all going to calm down and have heartwarming farewell parties. In other words, are we going to make a graceful or a disgraceful exit?

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I think the human race would pull together to try to do something about the asteroid.. In the end though, I would hope that most would go with some dignity.

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I would hope, gracefully…I know I would…btw…doubtful the asteroid is going to hit us…;)

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10% will go ape s*** chaos
40% will give up, and have going away partied, or try to remain inebriated until the end.
20% will be in denial and assume the authorities are wrong, or trying to bamboozle them.
30% will try to figure something out, but since they will all be arguing, the World will get whacked while they have their pissing contest.

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This reminds me of a movie I saw recently.
In this scenario, it’s a planet that get’s in the way, but it really is quite a wonderful, albeit sad, movie and makes you think about the way we judge people regarding their way of coping with life/death if it differs from ours.

I would really hope I could hold it together and be strong and make things OK for my son and shield him from the madness that would be going on around us. I would go up to our mountain cabin with enough provisions and just try to be calm and loving until the end.

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For the first time in human history, seven billion people would simultaneously evacuate their bowels.

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There would be a breakdown in society I think. Who would want to work that final week? Supermarkets would run out of food, petrol stations will run out of gas, banks will run out of money. It would be best to hunker down and wait for the end as calmly as you could.

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Well if the rumours are true that there’s going to be some kind of city sized, big arse underground bunker that the “chosen ones” get to seek refuge in, then you better believe there’s going to be a monumental shitstorm.
There’s not one life worth more than my kids, gimme shelter ya sons of biatches!!

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The answer to your question is “yes.” There would be societal breakdown in some areas, there would be “farewell” parties in some areas, there would be “end of the world” prayer meetings in some areas.

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A few people – maybe too few – would make some type of plan for survival. Because the truth is that unless the thing lands on top of you or so closely as to kill you on impact, on the resulting tsunami or wildfire, etc., that there would be survivors. There would be some who survived accidentally, but the few who could make adequate plans for long-term survival could have a good chance at continuing long-term survival. In planetary terms, almost nothing is “forever”.

Other species have survived “planetary extinction events”, and man could, too. Whether enough could survive to continue to propagate the species is another matter entirely. Since my time for ‘personal survival’ along those lines is nearing a natural end, anyway, I’d be looking for the young families and couples whom I might attempt to help with their own survival, such as my own kids and their partners and families, if we had time and some means to arrange that.

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Major looting at gun stores.

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What just occured to me was when there was debris falling towards the earth from a satelite of some sort, didn’t the scientists estimate when and where it would hit incorrectly? I would say, plan for the worst hope for the best. I would want to be underground when it hit. If I lived within 1,000 miles of where they think it might hit, I think I might try to travel to the other side of the earth. But, then that whole miscalculation idea I mentioned enters my mind.

I agree with some of the comments above, many people will just accept the inevitable, be sorrowful yet calm, and nervous.

A minority of people will really flip out.

People will travel to reunite with loved ones within reason. Children returning from college, travelling to see other close relatives, stuff like that.

A significant amount of people will believe it isn’t going to happen.

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The sky is falling!

—Chicken Little

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I don’t know what would happen. I know I’d be worried about my children feeling pain of death.

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