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What would you think of a person wearing a "doggy" sweater?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) November 11th, 2011

It was apparent that this person had many dogs living in their house. The sweater, this person was wearing, was loaded with dog hair and the smell of her dogs. Not just a little smell, not just a little dog hair, but enough to make you move to another seat. Question: how could a person wear such a sweater out in the public? Have you known or do you know such a person as this and your opinion of this person?

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They obviously don’t care what other people think, or they are going to go and look after some dogs or has just been to do somekind of animal work. I know I have had to pop to the shops before in stinky fishy clothes after doing field work all day otherwise I simply wouldn’t have time to buy food to get some supper.
Stuff like that doesn’t bother me, if someone wants to dress covered in dog fur, I am not going to be the person to stop them. Is there really a dress-code to pop out the house for a bit?
Fair enough, no if you were somewhere like the doctors (animal fur can be a problem) or to a job interview!

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Maybe they care less about humans than they do about dogs. Not a bad plan, either.

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They sound a little wacky, I dunno, people are mysterious.

I love animals but I wouldn’t want to live with multiple dogs/cats in my house.

One or two cats is plenty for me.

Then again, I pick up goose poo by hand and fling it into the weeds if my geese get into the garage, which they do, and often poo on the rugs by the washer/dryer.

Out here almost everyone has horses so you see people everywhere in mucky rubber barn boots smelling like horse sweat and manure. lol

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Running to the store or stopping by after work is one thing, but going to a social event, wearing these type of clothes, is what I had in mind.

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Pay no attention to the person behind the fur sweater.

It’s their sweater, their smell. Not mine. I don’t think anything more or less of them for it.

Their sweater does not tell the whole story anyway.

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I agree. I wouldn’t consider my rubber barn boots to be suitable footwear for a dressy social event. lol

I mean we ALL have our kick around the house clothes, but, yeah, someone that wears animal saturated clothing to a social event is well, a little “off” I’d say.

I always joke about having two modes of dressing, hippie farm woman and lookin’ pretty damn hot! haha Not much middle ground.

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Another point I left out, when this person sits next to you, the dog hair on their sweater always finds a way to you and the food you are attempting to eat. When this person walks in the door, all eyes are on them and hoping they do not decide to sit next to you. Its almost to the point that people scatter when they sit down. I am purposely not telling whether this is a man or woman. It might be someone you know.

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Haha…not to laugh, but jeez. Yeah, I’d draw the line at dog hair drifting into my soup.

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If it invades my space, that is a different story. I would just politely move. I still wouldn’t judge them.

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I tend to think there is mental illness with people who do things like this.

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It’d be odd to see that. I’d probably just move away as I’m sensitive to certain smells. I sometimes have cat hair on my clothes, but that’s why I carry a lint roller in my purse.

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I have a lady that lives across the hallway. So I will just say she was told to clean up her apartment or else..

She has a dog that she says it has a heart condition but IMHO it looks like it is starving, but I just listen to what she tells me w/out judgment.

She does cross the line when she tells me that when her dog passes away she wants to borrow my dog!

I have strict doggy rules so unfortunatley its a no.

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If they were wearing one whilst driving do you think the fashion police would ask them to pullover?

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I work with dogs and when I am on my way back from an evening of dog training I probably look and smell like that person. I used to look after horses and on my way home from the stables all I could smell was horse. Animal people don’t seem to care about things like this as much as non animal people.

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@johnpowell !!
I certainly did not say that. Of course some people have mental illness.

For me it’s not the person that bothers me, it’s the uncleanliness

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Is the person a bit absent minded?

I once was ALL dressed up…then took the dogs out for potty before going to an event. Needless to say I arrived at the event wearing my slip-on (shitty looking) dog walking tennis shoes. A little black dress, black hose, hair & nails done…then old white slip-ons.

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@Meego :: I wasn’t upset about you. Your problem seems legit.

edit :: The rest of my post was removed since it was a pretty awesome personal attack.

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Your friend is probably not even aware of any odor. My mum has several cats, and when I go visit her for holidays, the house reeks when I first go inside. But by the next day, I don’t smell the odor any more, even if I go out and come back a couple hours later. As long as there’s no overflowing litter boxes (do dogs use litter boxes?) or anything like that, there’s no health issue, so I wouldn’t worry about it. If your friend can take a little criticism, maybe mention it so that she can launder her clothes more often. Otherwise, fugghedaboudit…

Coloma's avatar IS possible to live with indoor pets and keep things clean and tidy, I do.

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I worked on a farm back in the day, came home smelling of horse/cow shite.
Didn’t stop me taking the dawg out for a walk or popping down the pub for a quick pint.
I guess you could say no one, myself included, gave a shit…..which is nice.

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Infact, just yesterday I was wearing a new black sweater and because my cat is a cream colored siamese I almost went to pick her up and then remembered..” Oh NO..not in the black sweater! ” haha

Now, I bought black velour corderoy chairs for my living room a few years ago, B.S.C. before Siamese cat lol and I do keep them covered when I don’t have company because her white bunny fur is a real chore to clean from those chairs.

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I don’t see a bunch of judging here, it is a discussion, and besides, it IS true. Many people with poor hygiene and appearance ARE mentally unwell. We’re not talking all of us regular animal lovers that are occasionally caught with our animal pants on. Sheesh!

There is a time and a place for kick around the farm clothes but, going out to dinner in dog hair covered clothing is hardly in good taste.

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@john65pennington : The use of the word “her” in your details seems to designate a woman. And what might be an enormous amount of dog hair to you, may be not a big deal to other people. And maybe she’s so used to the smell of dogs that she didn’t notice. And I see a lot of judgment here, too, not everyone has the same ideas of what is exactly right, but to question someone’s mental fitness simply because they have a dog-hairy sweater? Really? Would it occur to you @john65pennington to ask if this person realized that her sweater was so doggy? Maybe if it was just a distracted oversight on her part she might appreciate being told. And if she has spinach in her teeth and toilet paper on her shoe, as well.

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I was hoping not..
I feel bad for people with mental issues. There is nothing wrong with my neighbor but there is to me something wrong with the apartment, she is a hoarder.

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I agree that it is ridiculous to questions someone’s mental health because of this. My Aunt lives with 8 dogs and, whilst she showers daily and washes her clothes regularly, she always has dog hair all over her. She is so used to this that she doesn’t notice it and even when she is dressed “smartly”, her idea of smart is still scruffier than many others idea of smart. She is one of the most knowledgable, level headed and rational people I know but she thinks life is too short to be worried about dog hair seeing as she lives with 8 big dogs! I wouldn’t consider her to be mentally ill at all and I don’t think anyone has the right to claim that she is just because of this quirk.

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When I did farm work that kind of thing happened a lot. Still does when I’m working outside (just a different mess). We’ve got cats their fur is everywhere; I’m starting to think it multiplies by itself though not to the point I’m envisioning from your description. Point being if I stopped to clean up before running out to get a part or paint or a bite to eat or what-have-you every time I stepped out of the field or off the ladder I’d probably wouldn’t get half as much work in. Sometimes looking sharp is a priority, other times it’s about getting the job done, to each their own in deciding when is the right time for one or the other.

With regards to showing up at a social even that way. I can understand the hair in the food and 3 meter stench being a bit rude. Though as @ucme said, on the way home stopping off at the pub for a pint, not gonna think twice. A night out at a fine restaurant followed by the symphony, I’ll be dressed. But then, that’s me, for others it’s their call and I don’t really care past noticing; I’m there to enjoy myself, not worry about them.

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Why? Who knows. Why are some people sloppy housekeepers and others neatniks? Why are some fastidiously dressed and others slobs? It has to do with many factors and it’s not really any of our business. Stay away from people you can’t accept.

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I would state at this point that when I go out on an evening, say for a meal with the wife or whatever, I do look shit hot ;¬}

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If I had thought my question would have caused so much bickering, I would never have asked it.

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Seems to me debates flair up when it comes to people’s morale, it’s not your fault.

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Well, yeah, this is a strange question to cause a flame war :-p

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Their house probably looks and smells worse.

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I would think that if someone is constantly around quite a few dogs – and is thus constantly around fur and the general doggy smell – they likely don’t even realize it. If they do realize it, they obviously don’t care. So I really wouldn’t either.

It might not be pleasant, but what else is there to think besides that it’s unpleasant and that they obviously have dogs? I surely wouldn’t pass judgement on their morality or anything else based on that. I can’t imagine being able to come to any groundbreaking conclusions.

Also, I’ve had people tell me that I smell like cats once or twice. Not in a necessarily bad way. I do have quite a few cats. Their litter boxes are clean, the cats don’t smell like anything (except, I guess, cats), and my house is not dirty. It’s just that some people who don’t have animals (or have less animals) are more sensitive to the smell of them. I try to keep my clothes fur-free, but regardless of how many times I lint roll my clothing – even in the car – I still wind up with some cat fur on my shirt. Big deal.

I guess my situation isn’t as drastic as the one you’ve described though, because I don’t stink nor am I covered in fur at all times, nor do people avoid me because of it.

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I wouldn’t think too much of it, and I wouldn’t outright avoid them. (Unless I was eating, and didn’t want to get hair on my food.) I have two very good friends who have had three cats and two dogs at once. One of them often goes out to hang with people, and his house was COVERED in animal hair. Whenever we went out, he usually had no hair at all on him.

The other friend with that same kind and amount of pets, has a house with a minimal amount of hair on anything, and usually has at least one cat in contact with him at all times whilst seated. He also is seldom caught with pet hair noticeably on his person.

I personally get more hair on myself, at both of their houses while interacting with their pets.
Neither of them really spends any time lint-rolling themselves either, so it’s not that they do that alot.

If both of my friends could manage to do this regularly (with cats and dogs than have that sort of fur/hair that gets on you easily), I don’t see why this person at the table near me couldn’t. However, I don’t see this as any reason to think ill or less of them in any way. I will interact with them as I would anyone else.

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