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Are you a Veteran?

Asked by Kato (445points) November 11th, 2011

Thank you for your service and sacrifice to our country.

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No, I’m not, but I surely do appreciate those who are.

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I second @wilma ‘s answer. :)

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Yep, and thank you for appreciating us :)

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Yes, I served in The National Guard for eight years and proud of it.

Kato, thank you for asking. jp

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Well thanks, to all you vets! I’m not but I do appreciate ya!

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Not a veteran here, but a big hell yeah! to all the veterans out there. :)

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Yes I am.

US Navy from July 1, 1968 to June 19, 1972.

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U.S. Air Force

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Yes. And thank you for the recognition. Pretty far cry from the sort of “reception” we recieved when we got back from Vietnam.

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@CaptainHarley Times have changed. However, I do feel it unfair that I got/get more recognition for floating in the Persian Gulf than you Vietnam vets did/do for for what you all went through.

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No, but my dad was in Vietnam (Navy) and my uncle was in Korea (Army).

To all our current soldiers: Keep yourself safe.

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[ shrug ] All part of “the cost of doing business,” my friend.

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U S Army….and thanks

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This may sound a tad strange, but I always get a bit embarrassed when someone thanks me for my service. It’s like I don’t deserve it or something, and I definitely don’t expect it. Must be a Vietnam thang, eh? : )

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@CaptainHarley Not at all. Figure, I spent a year in school, about three years training off the coast of California, and was only actually deployed for 12 months. Granted, during my first deployment, we wound up someplace (an unscheduled stop) to do some things as Saddam threatened to march Southwards, but the truth is that you did more to deserve thanks than I did.

Now, if you don’t deserve thanks, then why are people thanking me?

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[ Looks at Jerv ] How the hell should I know! LOL!

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