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Isn't it inappropriate to say "Happy Memorial Day"?

Asked by Kraigmo (8643points) May 30th, 2022

I realize since most of us don’t have to work on Memorial Day, and the fact it takes place in nice spring weather… we often take advantage of the day off to camp, relax, or do something fun.
But aside from that, isn’t it inappropriate to say “Happy Memorial Day”?
Memorial Day is meant to honor Veterans who died.
We also have Veterans Day which honors all who served, both living and dead
But Memorial Day is meant to honor veterans who have died.
Is there really anything happy about that?
Even if we physically are taking advantage of the day off of work, shouldn’t we at least acknowledge that the holiday is a solemn event, not a fun event?
Are the mothers, fathers, and spouses of those who’ve died serving…. happy about it?

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I am sure it is fine, just like “Happy 9/11!”

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I served in the US Navy.

I’ve trained my love ones to wish me Merry Memorial Day, because I miss Crissmiss! ;p

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With the US vernacular, it’s almost the ONLY option that we have!!! It has always bothered me when people say that they are celebrating the anniversary of the death of a loved one!!! After my husband died, I did my best to come up with a different description because it was NOTHING to celebrate!!! Sadly, he’s been dead 15 years & I can’t seem to come up with anything different that seems appropriate. I’ve finally justified it in my thought process that I am celebrating ALL the wonderful memories of the times we had together & he wouldn’t want me to still be celebrating my sadness. So, maybe I am celebrating the anniversary of his death!!!

Living in the South, we use the word “blessed” frequently. So, you might want to change Happy Memorial Day to” I hope you have a Blessed Memorial Day”...especially when speaking to the family of a fallen member of the military!!!

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About as inappropriate as telling a veteran “Thank you for your service” on Memorial Day.

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I just returned from my Memorial Day morning workout at the health club. I encountered many of my fellow gym rats and had dozens of opportunities to say, “Enjoy your holiday,” “Have a nice holiday,” or something similar. I didn’t with anybody a “Happy Memorial Day.” I agree, @Kraigmo, that there would be something off about saying that.

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Keep in mind that it was called Decoration Day from 1869 until World War I – to honor Civil War soldiers.

Only in the 1920s was the holiday expanded to include fallen from other wars, and even then it took until 1967 to be renamed Memorial Day. And it was moved to the last Monday in May in 1971. (Before that it was May 30 – whatever day of the week that was).

Given that history, I’m not sure it mattters what you say.

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Anyway, I ask for a moment of silence to honour all those brave, patriotic soldiers that selflessly gave their lives during the invasion of Normandy, in defence of the German Fatherland, the F├╝hrer and the Aryan way of life.

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Enjoy your weekend/holiday. I wouldn’t include happy myself.

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No. If it seems so to you, don’t say it.

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@ragingloli Did they not know they were in France?

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They conquered it fair and square! The frogs did not even put up a fight!

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