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How many lurve does it take to get out of the "Newborn" stage?

Asked by EmptyNest (2033points) November 11th, 2011

I have reached over one thousand lurve. I realize, this is not a lot compared to you long timers. But when can I be at least a toddler? :-)

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When you sacrifice something in my honour.

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Where are you getting this Newborn idea from?

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When I click on my user name and it brings me to “my story” It says “newborn”

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That’s just Newborn questions on the side of the page; it doesn’t mean you are a Newborn. Someone else thought this too.

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Ah! Good! LOL, thanks, @janbb!

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I’m over 6K now, and I’m still a newborn. I think you probably have to reach 10K?

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Newborn is like Hypocrisy’s “Larvae”. LMFAO.

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@zensky Dude…that was pretty philosophical. O_O

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@EmptyNest The newborn thing is about the new questions not about you. For what it’s worth, I happen to think you are funny, interesting and I hope you stick around. You seem to have a knack for the place. Not that my approval matters, but Fluther is more about participation than about the technicalities of lurve, and points, and newborness, and newbieness or any of that crap. Have fun. We like you. At least I do.

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If you get more than 100 lurve you’ve made it further than most. By 1000 you are one of the few.

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You survived the “trial by fire” that most have to go through, we know who you are sleep with one eye open! and before you know it you’ll feel like you’ve been here always and so will we.

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Just as soon as you have your first temper tantrum!
That’s right, throw your toys outta the pram & you’re considerd a fully fledged toddler.
Awww, I bet you’d look so cute ;¬}

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When you get modded for the first time. I’m still waiting. (You believe that I’ve got a bridge for you)

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I just read my question again and it sounds so much like, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsiepop.

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“When you sacrifice something in my honour.”

Even though I’m probably no longer a n00b, I’ll sacrifice my virginity in your on her anyway. ;-)

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LOL @Brian1946 ! Maybe I should have asked how long till I’m not considered a “n00b”.

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I’d say now that you know the difference between Newborn and newbie, you’re no longer a “n00b”.

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I think you stop being considered a “n00d”... When you stop acting like a Noob. :D
By the way, welcome. We’re glad to have you here.:)

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I still feel larvaelike sometimes. Just saying.

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I’m not sure but I’ll guess at 5000 lurve is when others start congratulating you for your lurve acheivement. I would be well over 10,000 lurve if I would have stayed on over the past few years but personally I’m not on here for lurve so I say to each their own :o)

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Thanks for the laffs @EmptyNest! I’m glad you’re here too!

Just noticed how much the word n00b resembles b00b which is the summoning word to use whenever you want @zensky to appear on a thread :-)

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@Blueroses, what a breath of fresh air you are! LOL

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