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Will a two date late credit card payment effect my credit standing?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) November 11th, 2011

My payment was due on the 6th which was a Sunday and they received and posted it on the 8th is that within limits?

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Yes, slow pays will affect your credit rating. Were they two in a short period of time? That’s worse than two over several years.

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Yes, I think it is within limits, unless your company works differently than mine. I did this once and emailed them asking the same question you pose here, and they said so long as you pay within 30 days it is not reported to the credit bureaus so it does not affect your credit score.

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it is reported on your credit score if 30 days late. Also, you can get a couple of late fees waived on your account if you ask. as a courtesy.

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So this doesn’t happen see if you can either pay from their website or from your checking accounts site. You can control when the payment is received better that way. I know all of mine have a way to pay the bill on their sites.

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Much the same as @prioritymail and @jazmina88.

I had an auto payment that was shifted because of a holiday, I called the credit company and they said they only report if the payment is over 30 days late and no late fee would apply. This was probably close to two or three years ago though so things could’ve changed.

Best bet, call them.

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It should not, especially if it just happened once.

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