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What are you going to do about the Equifax breach to protect yourself?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30619points) September 21st, 2017

I will not be signing up for any of the monitoring provided by Equifax. They are using the situation to lure in new customers.

I am undecided what other steps to take.

To our non-Americans, I’m sorry to post a question that is limited in scope to the US where our lives are regulated by for-profit credit rating agencies.

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I put a credit line freeze on my account with Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. It cost $5 per company but it means that any time someone tries to take out a loan, open a credit card, etc. in my name, that person will have to provide a PIN that only I have access to.

This is the only action I’m taking.

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It pisses me off that they fuck up and we have to pay for it. I already have a credit monitoring service from yet another unrelated security breach through my employer. I’m leaving it at that for now. I’m considering putting on a freeze at all three reporting agencies.

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I am a member of a credit monitoring site/app, and they let me know if anything changes in real time. That’s enough for me. My credit is worthless anyway, so the hackers can have fun wasting their time trying to get anything approved through me. Haha.

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@Hawaii_Jake I joined LifeLock several years ago. I have a secure password application. I believe I am doing all that I can reasonably to to protect my information. A news article stated their CEOs did insider trading before releasing the information their data had been breached.

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^I read that also and I hope they all spend time in jail for insider trading. As is @areyoukiddinme I am on a credit monitoring service for a breach at a doctor’s office. I hope for now that will be enough.

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In another faux pas Equifax directed customers to a new website to find out more information. Unfortunately they were directing customers to a spoof website

There are about 400,000 British people affected and we have been advised that criminals often use a widely-publicised data breach to try and fool victims into handing over more of their personal data. You might get phone calls from people pretending to be from the support team – be on your guard.

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I’m seeing spoof emails already. What a cluster-f.

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So far I’ve done nothing. I’m already covered due to some other breach. I’ll put a credit hold on my accounts eventually.

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I got shit credit all on my own. If you have swiped my info good luck doing anything with it.

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I don’t want any more of my personal info anywhere near an Equifax site, so I’m definitely not going on their site and requesting monitoring or anything.

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I didn’t read the fine print but I I heard that as part of the monitoring service they are offering Equifax makes you sign that you will not sue them as a result of this breach.

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@LuckyGuy That is correct as I understand it.

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Sleazy , don’t you think? For that reason alone i would not take them up on the offer. I have no doubt the law office of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe will start a class action suit. Unfortunately it will happen after all the top dogs grab the gold and run.

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Very sleazy indeed.

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CIO and someone else at the top of Equifax board resigned the other day.

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@jca Yes, after they cashed in their stock before the story broke.

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@Hawaii_Jake this is almost unbelievable but here it is:http:This Isn’t A Joke: The IRS Just Hired Equifax To Safeguard Taxpayer Data | Zero Hedge

//–10-04/isnt-joke-irs-just-hired-equifax-safeguard-taxpayer-data I think I have now seen it all!

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