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Did you ever go to a concert that was recorded for a live album?

Asked by filmfann (48264points) November 12th, 2011

Who was the performer? Did you buy the album just because you were there?

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Grateful Dead at Winterland 1977. :-)

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I went to a free concert by the Beach Boys that was to be used for a television special. It was stupid. They had multiple takes of the same song, and everytime they reshot it they had to get the little sailboat in the background to get back in position. Half the crowd left after about 40 minutes.

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I was at this 1990 Sick Of It All show that took place in Reseda, CA. I was 16.

It was pretty cool because at the time Sick of it All and Killing Time were two of my favorite bands. I also got to meet a few members of Youth of Today that happened to be present, the band that inspired me to become vegetarian.

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Did you used to live in the San Fernando valley? ;-o

My niece now lives in Reseedy.

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Dave Matthews Band, Live at Folsom Field, 2002

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@Brian1946 Nope, thank god :)

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You can hear me singing and screaming on many a DMB live album, especially if you are a member of the fan club and get the extra CDs.

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I went to see Qi with Stephen Fry the other day. That was being recorded for the TV show. I don’t recall going to a concert that ended up as a live recording but then I never buy live albums so it is possible!

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Wow, I love QI! That must have been fun.

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It was! It was great. He did a stand-up talk (I don’t want to call it a routine because that sort of doesn’t fit with Stephen Fry). Alan Davies was on the bill too along with some Australian comedians/personalities. A couple of those are not my favourites but the night was good. It was fun.

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I went to two John Denver concerts a year apart, and he announced during both concerts that they were being recorded for an album. Neither one ever happened.

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Did you know that back in the 80’s John Denvers music was the only American music allowed to be played in China?
The Chinese premiere at the time saw a concert while in the states and took 500 tapes back to the PRC to be distributed to radio stations all over the country.

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Oh, yeah. I was also at the Rose Bowl when Depeche Mode taped 101.

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