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What could we do on a cloudy Saturday that is not rainy?

Asked by xhaiteddyx (42points) November 12th, 2011

My friend and I are really bored on this cloudy Saturday that isn’t considered a rainy day. We were wondering what we girls could do…other than PS3s Wiis

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Go to a mall and window shop.

Watch a movie.

Try on each other’s clothes.

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Go play tennis.

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@cockswain, haha, sadly, I don’t know how to play tennis! :)

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Well what are you going to do about that? I guess you could play racquetball, that’s easier to keep the ball in play and a lot of fun.

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Perform a rainmaking ritual…...
Do some chores that are left to do.
Listen CDs that you haven’t played in ages.

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Make a pie.

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Point & stare at the birdies out of a window.
You could also marvel at how great trees & flowers are.

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Go on a hike. It will be cool so the work of hiking will be easier.

Build something

Learn a musical instrument.

Go for a drive with no specific destination and see where you end up. Make sure you bring the traditional road snack: peanuts in pepsi. (be safe!)

Make some apple cider, put some red-hot candies into it and watch a movie or two.

Go to the book store, have some coffee and look at a book that you probably won’t buy.

Indoor, glowing, mini-golf.

I could really go on… but it matters most what you are interested in.

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Thanks guys for the interesting things that I could do! :laughs and thanks everyone:

@digitalimpression, you have so many things out for me! Thank you! Haha, but fortunately, I’m going to the mall :) but you helped a lot!

@ucme, haha! I’m pretty sure I did that before :)

@rebbel, unfortunately, I don’t have many CDs with me :smiles: but I have new ones! :)

@cockswain sorry, but not really in the mood for any sport ^^ I’m more a mall person and movie person…or indoor person! But thanks for your supportive answers. :)

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@xhaiteddyx I know you’re going to the mall today, but maybe tomorrow you could:

Look up Thanksgiving recipes online and bookmark some really good ones, especially new takes on old favorites.

Take a walk in your local park and take your camera along. I like to take what I call “miniature landscapes” of unusual stuff or patterns I find on the ground. Use the macro setting (that’s the one with the little flower icon) so you can get a clear picture of something small and closeup.

Organize your photos and make some photo disks for your relatives. I’ve come to realize that aunts and uncles and grandparents and even cousins, really appreciate this.

Go on Netflix, if you have it, and pick out 10 new movies to add to your Q. Then go to the reviews section and write at least one review of a movie that you really liked.

Decide what are your top 3 favorite things in the world to eat. Then go online and do a search for restaurants in your town that serve at least one of those items, preferably a restaurant that you’ve never been to, then go and eat!

Think about your neighbors. Do you have any elderly folks or anybody that lives alone who you think might enjoy a little bit of company and some cake? Keep in mind that some elderly folks have dentures and might not be able to eat nuts (but you could discreetly inquire ahead of time) and then make a Pumpkin Quick Bread (this recipe makes 3 loaves, so you can eat one, freeze one and give the other one to your neighbor) or a Gingerbread Loaf (this recipe makes 2 loaves).

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Woah! those are things I never thought of! And they really sound interesting @Kardamom . Thanks so much! Oh, by the way, right when I saw the word Pumpkin, it made me want Pumpkin Pie. YUM! :craves pumpkin pie WITH whip cream:

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Get out some of your old board games and play Monopoly or something.

Make a Christmas pudding or a Christmas cake.

Write your Christmas cards.

Write a short story together. Pick a story prompt and then let your minds get to work.

Learn how to knit (if you don’t already know) and start to knit scarves or beanies or blankets for homeless people or jumpers or blankets for children in cold, third world countries.

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