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What do think of the possibility of drugs that enhance cognition and memory?

Asked by philosopher (9165points) November 13th, 2011

What will the side effects be?
I would not want to experiment with it. It may be great once the unknowns and side affects are under control. Drugs have side effects even the so called legal ones.The Drug Companies are legal Drug Pushers and some doctors become wealthy doing what they wish.
See link.

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Not much different that I feel about drugs that enhance athletic ability.

I think Evil Knievel (yes, the famous daredevil) said it best. His statement went something like:

Drugs are like running your engine on nitro. It will go like a bat out of hell for about 100 miles. Then your engine melts.

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Like @YoBob said, the devil is in the details. I have a lot more faith in evolution to get it right than I do in big Pharma. But I’d sure look at any such offering, evaluating the side effects and potential risk.reward calculation. If it’s safe nad it works, bring it!

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The problem Is safety. I agree.
Sadly we can not trust the FDA to do their job and make sure they know the possible side effects.

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