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Would you add RAM without backing up your computer?

Asked by evander (465points) May 14th, 2008

I want to upgrade my macbook to two gigs of RAM, but need to figure out my back-up situation for my hard drive. Is there reason to be concerned and wait to upgrade the RAM until I can back-up the computer? I am getting antsy to upgrade the RAM, but am waiting to figure out a hard drive issue.

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I never had a problem putting in ram without a backup

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we add RAM to computers all the time at work….you don’t have to worry about your hard drive. If you were changing out the motherboard, then you would have reason to backup. But RAM is safe to add as an upgrade…the only problem I have ever run into when installing RAM is putting in the wrong type or the RAM stick is bad. Worst case when that happens is that the computer doesn’t boot or it just tells you it won’t work and goes on booting. if that happens, you just turn it back off and remove the stick you just put in.

edit: just make sure you turn it off and remove the battery if it is a laptop…then discharge the board by holding down the power button for about 10 seconds

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Adding or rmoving RAM does not interfere with your hard drive unless you are a really strong guy and push your RAM stick throughout your laptop.

But this really a wrong behaviour to don’t make backup on a regular basis, every weeks, or days if you work a lot on your computer. You have more chance to have your HD broken by a “natural hardware failure” than by changing your RAM I think.

Make Backups !

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You don’t need to back up before installing RAM. If the new RAM is bad, you can just put the old RAM back in. Heck, even if you forget to ground yourself and somehow ruin both sets of RAM with static discharge (highly unlikely), your hard drive won’t be affected, and you can just get more new RAM or stick the drive in another PC.

But honestly, having lost data in the past- you should really have a backup process in place. Learn from the mistakes of others. :) Don’t put it off, do it. Like tonight. I use Mozy, which makes it easy and convenient.

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I always have and have never had a problem. I’ve never even heard of a problem.

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RAM and HD is different. RAM – Random Access memory is used during the operation of your computer, removing it when your computer is powered down will not effect your HD (Hard Drive).

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in a new york minute

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