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How to add work experience for a dot-com company that went out of business?

Asked by JoseB (53points) November 16th, 2011


I worked for a startup as a copywriter and content manager. I worked directly with the CEO and I excelled in my role. Unfortunately, the startup went under. I want to add my experience on my resume but I’m afraid it’ll seem, as they say, suspect. Any advice?

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There are plenty of dot-com companies that went out of business. You need to list it and all you did. I have a few of those on my resume.
They are quite easy to explain and to understand the situation.
It is more suspect to have a gap of work to explain that you will not be able to explain if you lie omit it.

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I concur with @blueiiznh. Include it. Treat it the same as your other experience. In some ways, it’s almost better, because you can describe your successes and no one can deny them. Not that they would, anyway.

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Why suspect? It’s not as though it is uncommon for start ups (especially dot-coms) to fail.

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A lir by ommision… is still a lie.

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Yes, but what is a lie? ^^

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Why would it be suspect? Simply put the business name down and the time you were employed there.

Would you use the CEO as a reference? Do you have a current email or phone number for him?

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If it was you who drove the company out of business, then you might want to pretend you were in prison instead of working for the company. Otherwise, list it on your resume.

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List it on your resume as you would any other position. You do not need to address why you no longer work for them. This will be brought up in the interview. I wouldn’t even address it in the cover letter. It’s not that it’s a bad thing. It’s just not worth bringing up yourself as you are better focusing your attention on targeting your skills and accomplishments toward things you do well, not on an employer who went out of business.

Take a look at this page, too. It talks about resume keywords and how they can also improve the way your resume comes across to employers.

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Thanks guys. Your responses make me feel confident in adding the experience. @marinelife Yes I can use the CEO as a reference and I do have his email and phone number.

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