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If you met yourself from ten years ago what would he/she tell you?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) May 14th, 2008 from iPhone

do you think they would be proud, excited, or disappointed?

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She will say, “Congrats. You’re still here. Well done.”

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i think i would be proud “whoa man, i turned into a cool geek, and what, apple computers? no way, apple?”

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She would be shocked. Just fully and jaw-droppingly shocked.
Not in a good way, not in a bad way… just “whoa! I didn’t see that coming!”

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Do not work there. And your kids rock!!!!

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i’d rather meet myself in ten years to get advice from myself.

the old me? that person would be pleased, but not surprised.

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He would start a diet that day.

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Marry the second one, skip the first.

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I’d say: Mama I’m a big girl now

Ok, that was for laughs. Seriously, I would be very proud of me. My life is completely different now. I have made several changes for the better, and I am a much happier person.

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Why do you need so much sleep you old fart?

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I would tell myself to NEVER give up on the dream- that it WILL come true!

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“Holly shit…how do you live with the fact that you were me?” Yea Ive come a long way.

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“I thought I was gay…” :)

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I think my younger self would be surprised and relieved.

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“You learned all that at your age??????”

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I think past me would be pleased to see the condition of my skin, the fact I’ve gone back to college, have progressed at work and still have same taste in music :)
I think she’d also be relieved to see that the big decision she’s about to make is gonna work out OK.

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“You did WHAT? You went WHERE?? You married HIM?!!! Damn girl, we got some taste.”

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Why aren’t you traveling more?

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We’re having our 10th year high school reunion this summer. It’ll be interesting…

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great question. Had to stop for a second and give you a tick for that. I think he would say well done for making a good life for you and the family and GET to the gym. Where is my 32 inch waist gone ?

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She’d say: Be careful of what you eat… :P

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Why would my self from ten years ago tell me anything? I should tell HIM!

…Don’t date most of those girls…you’ll find an amazing one later…

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