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Problems with serial number for Canon HFS10 and Imagemixer?

Asked by stormfoxfield (4points) November 19th, 2011

Trying to instal Imagemixer for Canon HFS10. It asks for the serial number but when I type it in, it says it’s wrong, when it isn’t. Any ideas what I can do?

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Are you looking in the right place for the serial number? Sometimes the serial number is located in the battery unit. You’ll probably have to take it out to find it.

1 800 406 4966 is their phone number.

If you still have issues and if your camera is HD, try Sony Vegas Studio Platinum 9. It can edit HD videos. I’ve used the software several times and I was satisfied.

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DearAshlynM, Thank you so much for your response. You’re quite right, the serial number is in the battery unit and sadly, that’s the one I’m typing in. It’s 3 lines of 4 digits so I can only type it in as one long 12digit number – I just can’t see why it doesn’t recognise it. I’ve only just bought ImageMixer so would really like to get it working before I buy another piece of s/w, but thanks for the suggestion of Sony Vegas.

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These can be tricky. O (letter) and 0 (number) are usually what mix me up.

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