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Good camcorder?

Asked by bmhit1991 (246points) January 7th, 2009

What’s a good camcorder? Preferably an AVCHD camcorder. If I get one, I’d like to use it with iMovie ‘09. And AVCHD sounded pretty nice when Apple explained what it could do with iMovie ‘08. I’m looking for one that’s good, but not ridiculously expensive. I don’t want a camera that just takes video, I want one that does a good job and looks/sounds really good. Thanks!

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kevbo's avatar has all the information you'll ever need and more. Sorry I can't give a more specific answer.

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I don’t know if Kodak has camcorders, but their regular digital camerase are exceptional, so that would be a good choice if they make them. I understand that Canon has a relatively well reputation for camcorders as well. It would depend on what you were using the camcorder for, I guess.

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@ mangeons
Nah, I had one of those Kodak EasyShare cameras and hated it. Batteries wouldn’t last 10 minutes in it. Gives you enough to get just a few really good shots if you’re lucky. But thanks anyway.

thanks! I’ll check it out!

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I prefer Sony and Panasonic, but that’s just me.

The link kevbo gave is great. has some good reviews, too.

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Sony Handycams’s are pretty good for the price but I recommend them because they have an extremely convenient touchscreen and some other neat little features. There’s other touchscreen camcorders but I feel sony does it right and it’s supported by most programs and what not.

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