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What are some good quality, inexpensive, in-ear headphones?

Asked by zigmund (2047points) November 19th, 2011

I find Apple’s ear buds to be very poor quality. Does anyone have a recommendation for small, in-ear headphones that wont cost a fortune?

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I have cheap Sony ones that were 15 bucks at Walgreens. I’m not an audiophile but they sound good enough and have lasted years. The ones Apple makes are the worst, they go right in the pile of shit I hope I am not desperate enough to use pile.

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Yeah, on the subway I usually have to turn the volume all the way up if I’m using those white POS. What’s the point of that? I got a pair of SONY ones for $30 in a vending machine at the airport a few years ago. Pretty good quality for the price. I was just wondering if there was some amazing product I hadn’t heard about.

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What’s your budget?

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I have JVC Gumy I bought a few months ago for $11. They were pretty good until I got myself some really neat cans. They should be in Best buy or something. Also, stay the hell away from Skull Candy.

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There is a huge difference between ear buds (that just sit in your ear), and earphones that fit into and seal the ear canal. In-ear headphones will sound exponentially louder while blocking significant outside noise.

Neither of these are cheap, but they’re not what I would consider to be a fortune:
The Klipsch Image S4 earphones are very nice and cost around $60.
The Klipsch Image S3 earphones are last years model and can be had for less than $50.
I have the Sennheiser CX 200 Street II Sports Headphones and paid less then $50.
Thinksound TS01 are supposed to be nice and are around $40
Razor Moray’s are around $30.

Otherwise, just pick up some in-ear cheapo’s and hope for the best.

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When I buy cheap headphones I always go with Sony and I’ve never been disappointed. A few years ago I was able to get a pair of Shure headphones at a discount. They are not the top of the line model but even the cheaper models by Shure are better than most headphones. I love them and they are really comfortable. They have 3 or 4 different size pads to fit every size ear. When one set wears out you can buy a new bunch for $15. Once, and this was after heavy use, the little spike that holds the earpad broke off. I put it back on with some crazy glue and the headphones still work great. This website has a lot of good reviews.They carry Shure and another highly rated brand called t-Jays3 that I’ve never heard of.

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Thanks to all. I’ve just ordered Klipsch Image S3 for $35 including shipping on Amazon. I’m quite satisfied with the price and reviews.

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I have ones pretty similar to these – skullcandy works great for me. Mine reduce a lot of outside noise, and also the sound people hear from your own ipod. Also really comfy :) Free shipping!

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^ ahhh just read your reply. sorry!

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Mike Hunt says to avoid SkullCandy. Y’all should fight it out. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight.

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I use the Philips O’Neill sound-isolating earbuds. The’re only $20 and pretty neat because the come in lots of different colors and have a tangle-free cable.

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Anything Sony. Can’t go wrong.

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